Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For the Raise ‘Recession Proof Yourself’

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For the Raise

LeNisha had no idea how powerful she was, but I saw it immediately when she sat beside me in the coffee shop. She had pure energy, positive vibes and was beautiful. She had an urban spunk to her that was infectious.

We sat sipping mochas in the hum of the coffee shop while she talked about her job and how it was a lot of hours and in marketing within retail. Holidays meant long hours to launch social marketing campaigns and ads to bring in money to the company fourth quarter. Pressure was the name of the game.

Furthermore, she felt the company itself would be left behind as the competitors were putting out the same product online at a lower cost. LeNeisha intuitively knew that if she wasn’t current in marketing a product that was up and coming, she’d be left behind.

The biggest deficit that I saw was she had no idea how much she was worth as a Marketing Manager, and furthermore didn’t know how to even begin to calculate her skill set as it related to getting a new job.  The exercise I put her through was simple. First we looked at jobs under several titles to see what they paid and the ranges based off her 7 years of experience. My hunch was correct: she was easily underpaid by at least ten thousand dollars.

Then we took her base salary and looked at a ten percent increase. Then a fifteen percent increase. With pen and paper we looked at the numbers and decided on what she wanted to make, based off of what she was making in combination of what the market would bear. I pointed her to articles and webinars I had done previously teaching her how to hold the conversation. Most importantly, I told her to deal with the money piece upfront in the phone interview. If the position didn’t pay enough, don’t waste their time in an interview.

I predicted she would have a new job in three months if she was consistent in her job search. Yesterday, I got an email that stated she landed a job closer to home, in a different industry with a thirteen thousand dollar increase. The gift that I gave to her was believing in her and telling her she could make more than she thought she was worth.

Money is nothing more than more zeros behind a dollar sign. It has no power than what you assign it. Powerful women know what their skills command and aren’t afraid to ask for it.  Written by: Elizabeth Lions


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