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ann lauren dolls


Bella Petite’s continuum of showing appreciation by celebrating our glamazon predecessors’ accomplishments in the fashion, beauty, and entertainment sectors granted us access§.  Our code of beauty diversity has synergistically resonated virally with industry insiders. Bella Petite’s global contributors appreciate our ideological contributions; Paul Fisher of The Network Talent, and Supermodels Kathy Ireland to Cindy Crawford, Kristy Hinz, Clarissa Burt, Giselle, Chrissy Teigan, Tyra Banks, and many others.

In our world of fashion and beauty at Bellå Petite Magazine “we broke down the fake barriers, and we built real bridges for everyone to strut our multi-diverse looks together on one beåutifully lit-up⇑ runwåy!”

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Upcoming in 2020 is the Official Spring Release of Αnn Lauren Clothing’s Bella Petite Collection⇑! We will host live fashion shows featuring Bella Petite Models in twenty-five locations in the USA. Bella Petite Magazine will select new cover girl winners monthly by photo entries, pageants, and fashion competitions. All Bella Petite winning cover girls will have opportunities to appear in the ALC catalog and fashion shows.

In retrospect, 2019 was a major clearing out of glitches in old school fashion and beauty and status quo codes that were cued up for us by the cancellation of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Collapse on 11-22-19. Another uncontested Bellå Petite fashion takedown⇓ of old code! 

The paradigm disruptor of the 2020 decade is “Αnn Lauren Clothing” featuring Bella Petite Models in Fashion Weeks globally. I’d bet on it! ¤

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I don’t just preach, I walk my talk and live by the code. As a teenage girl, I wrote a poem about “DESTINY,” and it will give you a concurrent insight into my thought processing. When I wrote the poem, I knew my journey to purpose would have difficult obstacles, some would say impossible challenges to defeat.  Despite this, I went forward as any dauntless overcomer understands, our achievements do define us.

What I’ve learned is you must possess a strong belief system and have a will that is rooted in universal faith, for fate to happen. When you do, it will be everything you ever imagined your dreåmsℑ to be. You never can anticipate when that fateful moment will come when love♥ will intervene.

Thank you for allowing me to share my personal growth and expansion of consciousness, as we all awaken to supernatural possibilities. “I feel blessed with knowing my DESTINY is about YOU.” I appreciate your many years of loyal readership and participation in our global events. 

The genie is out of the bottle and your wish is our command! We have fashion designed for petite women as you asked and promised in Bella Petite’s mission statement.

Congratulations ladies, I know we’ve done it!

It’s about time change happened and it looks good on you! I am forever grateful to have the honor of triggering inspiration in petite women globally.


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