Do You Have a Job? Career? Or a Calling? [The Change Agent] [Job Search]

Your Answer Will Determine Your Happiness

Is your relationship to your work one of a Job, a Career, or a Calling? Research suggests that people who consider their work to be a Calling report greater life and job satisfaction which in turn is related to better job performance, happiness, and success.

What’s even more exciting is that you can find and live your calling in any type of work, at any level of responsibility. A Calling is defined as contributing to the greater good but what that looks like is up to you. There is a huge range of possibilities, all equally valuable.

For example, it can be reflected as a social entrepreneur  like Bella Petite President Ann Lauren, by supporting a large cause or in your everyday relationships as a leader.

The workshop will explore what it means to have a Calling and will provide strategies and tools for discovering or rejuvenating your Calling. You will learn what it means to be authentic and how to identify and better utilize your strengths and emotional intelligence for top performance. Living your Calling doesn’t necessarily mean changing jobs.

Participants will learn strategies for reconstructing their current job to provide opportunities to make your work more meaningful and fulfilling. Everything that you learn in this workshop is beneficial to you as an individual but can also enhance your leadership skills and benefit your team and your company.

Nancy Fry is an executive coach and psychologist. She holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from KU and a MBA from UMKC.  She was as a leadership development consultant for a study-abroad program for 2 years including working in Asolo, Italy for 6 months. With 20 years business experience, Nancy is a former finance executive at a Fortune 100 company. At the core, Nancy is a champion for humanitarian causes focused on building stronger communities and providing assistance to the poor. Her desire is to inspire and prepare others to change the world through using their own unique strengths, skills and cause related passions – executives and social entrepreneurs alike.  You can email her at

Written by: Maria Gamb


Maria Gamb is the CEO and Founder of NMS Communications, LLC. She’s an advocate of  ”no more stress,” hence her company is aptly named “NMS” Known as “The Change Agent” she has over twenty years in corporate management at Fortune 500 companies.

Gamb has worked in various capacities as Designer, Product Manager and Director for; Macy’s, Geoffrey Been, Liz Claiborne and Ralph Lauren.


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