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Dispelling the Myths Around Food & Fitness: by Bella Petite fitness expert Jeanene Cannon of Physique Complete

1. If I only eat one or two meals a day – I won’t gain as much weight.

Contrary to what many petite women believe – the more often you eat – the better your results. Eating smaller meals (200-300 calories for women) every 2-3 hours will help speed up your metabolism.

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2. The less water I drink, the less I’ll retain water causing a bloated look.

Actually, the more water you drink, the less your body will hold on to water. You should aim to drink at the very, very least – 60-80 oz. of water a day…but if you can drink up to gallon of water in a day – that’s even better.

3. If I cut out fat from my daily diet, I will lose weight.

Don’t get sucked into low-fat everything. Your body needs fat…just the healthy kinds of fat like Omega 3 found in Salmon and Flaxseed Oil, Olive Oil is also a great source of fat (monounsaturated). Natural Peanut or Almond butter (the kind you have to stir) is a great source of fat and don’t forget about the great California Avocado! The more you take in the healthy fat, the more your body will release the bad fat.

4. The most effective fat burning workout is at least an hour of cardio every day.

Lifting heavy weights is actually more effective for burning fat. It also helps you to develop lean muscle mass, which also aids in burning fat. Cardio is excellent for your heart and for leaning out your physique, but cardio alone will not sculpt and tone your body. Cardio should be done at least 2-3 times a week – but you’ll only burn fat for about the first 20-30 minutes, and then after that you’ll become catabolic and will begin burning muscle. You can get that petite fit Beachbody you deserve!

5. If I lift heavy weights as a [petite woman], I will end up looking like a man.

Even for women who want to look like men, usually can’t unless they are taking a steroid of some sort. Women just don’t have the testosterone needed to develop large muscle mass. You will not develop too much muscle from lifting heavy weights. When you lift light weights and do lots of repetitions you are toning and strengthening. When you lift heavier weight and do less reps, you are building lean muscle mass and burning fat. So, if your goal is to be “lean and toned” like most women, be sure to have a good balance of both cardio and resistance/weight training in your training along with clean eating. If you’re new to weight training, start off lifting heavier to burn fat and sculpt your body, while doing cardio keep lean. Once you’ve acheived enough muscle & burned some fat, then do lighter weights/more reps along with cardio to maintain and continue to tone and sculpt without adding any more muscle mass.  Look your best while working out in AMI’s newest line of workout attire!

6. I crave sweets and there’s nothing I can do about it!!!

Not true!   The more you take in the healthier complex carbohydrates (like Oatmeal, whole grains, wheat, brown rice) – the less you will crave the simple sugars/carbs (like fruit, candy, other sweets). Fruit is a better choice than candy because it has more nutrients, vitamins and minerals – but it is still a simple carb. I would take these in during the first part of your day as opposed to later in the day/night so you have plenty of time to burn it off/metabolize it.

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Written by: Jeanene Cannon, of Physique Complete NASM CPT & CES, & Former Top NPC Figure Competitor

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