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Bella Petite on Dating
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What do you do if you find yourself meeting someone that ignites a firestorm of emotion inside of you simply at first glance? Do you immediately remember the five-day rule, or do you kick it to the curb and plunge right in?

For those out there that may not be sure of the “5-day Rule,” it’s that subtle dance that means you are not easily available after that first connection. You hold your ground and wait in exuberant anticipation for the man of your dreams to step to the plate and call you.

“You don’t make the call no matter how much you want to call him and hear his captivating voice that made you swoon.”

“You don’t show in the least way that you have been utterly swept off your feet, no matter if you are dizzily falling in complete adoration for this person filled with endless thoughts and sleepless nights. ”

Bella Petite on Dating
Bella Petite 5 Day Dating Rule

In simple terms, it’s like the Tango the dance of love. Despite the fact that it’s mere speculation that he feels the same way you do, you must resist the urge to find out anything regarding his emotions, because he alone must make the first move.

So with complete bravado, you hold your ground and wait through, every second though it’s absolutely killing you as you secretly reach for the phone. The fight begins, your outer self-pleads with you – “Just give in,” while your inner self-says “Resist at all cost for the prize.” What’s a girl to do?”

Well honestly, I would have to say that if you really want to know if the love that you are seeking is truly reciprocated, you must abide by the 5-day Rule. Now hear me out, I have always stated that it’s best for the man to make the first move and to chase and pursue the woman.

But is the “5-day rule” a sufficient amount of time or should it be less? I feel that it’s an adequate amount of time to let that spark turn into a burning flame, and it allows the seed of love that was planted by cupid to take a firm root in the heart of the pursuer.

Bella Petite On Dating
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O.K. Catch the scenario, the two of you unexpectedly met, you exchanged stolen glances, it was a brief encounter, but the significance is, did your eyes lock? Could you both read the mind of each other in a twinkling of an eye? Did the earth move for a moment? And above all did you hear the thunderous beat of your heart giving you the warm fuzzies and the goo- goo-ga-ga’s? If all of this took place then indeed you just might have something worth investigating.

So with that bit of evidence, wait it out, and fingers crossed you might have just made a major love connection. Love will forever be a risky endeavor. But with reckless abandon, because it feels so darn good, it’s worth the undertaking.

As the ancient greats would say, “It’s better to Love than to not Love at All.” I must concur, that the 5-day Rule is Alive and Active! So Missy sit still until you hear the knock on the door!

Relationship Expert – Candace Chambers-Belida

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