Dangerous Plastics The Hidden Danger: Health Warning

Hidden dangers in plastic packaging: what you don’t know has been hurting us!

Amidst the pre-packaged wonderland of our modern supermarkets, everything is quite conveniently packaged in plastic bags and containers. One can shop for years, and take these packages for granted. From frozen veggies, to juice , to potato chip bags, to just about any thing else, you find in either a plastic container, bag or a plastic epoxy lined aluminum can.

If it has ever occurred to anyone to question the safety of these modern conveniences, there are nice little warnings that proclaim the product to BPA free, but do you actually know what BPA is, or what it does?  Besides the fact it becomes litter in our ocean!

I didn’t know, but was very curious, so I did a little research, and what I found this chemical to be, was very surprising. This chemical was making people fat!  Not only that but it is an estrogen mimicker!

Hidden in the mixture that makes up our plastic containers and epoxy linings in vegetable cans are an array of chemicals, including BPA (Bisephenol A) and other 4-nonylphenols that are known to be endocrine disrupting chemicals or EDC’s. These chemicals leech into the food, and cause a whole host of problems in the human body, including the retention of fat.

Not only does it disrupt the way we store fat in our bodies and alter lipid homeostasis, there’s much more. It lowers sperm counts, alters the DNA for four future generations, when consumed by a pregnant woman. It also contributes to male genital deformity, early female puberty, and even research has pointed out that it may be behind why less males have been born in recent history than females! (Perrine, Stephen The New American Diet pages 50-51).

The problems that we have with modern food are very modern, our parents did not have to worry about foodmanufacturers creating and using genetically engineered corn that grows its own pesticides. Or the same manufacturers using plastics that leak these compounds that cause the finely tuned symphony known as our endocrine system to get thrown off balance. They are known as endocrine disrupting chemicals, and mimic natural hormones. They fool the body into over responding, or not responding, or blocking hormones all together. Your body is so finely tuned and resonated to heal itself, but these chemicals are like sour notes, bullets that cause everything off track. It hurts your cognitive mind, your ability to think, and creates an environment for obesity and cancer.

Do not be faint of heart though! We still yet live in a free society, and we have the power and obligation to stand up for ourselves! We need to reclaim our dignity and demand that we have safe food! Call Monsanto (314) 694-1000 and demand clean food . If you are concerned about the safety of eating these foods, limit the use of these plastics, don’t use plastic bottles to drink water, don’t heat up left overs in plastic containers and use glass whenever possible.

Keep your bodies and your spirits strong! There is a lot of negative garbage out there, but armed with information and love in our hearts, we can prevail!

Written by: Jane Rodriguez-Grothendick

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  1. Our government allows this to happen, it’s all about eugenics… look at anything else that is in our food, the hormones they put in meat. the mercury they put in vaccinations now.. they just don’t do it on “accident”.. they know.. and people are blind to this

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