Daily Style: Petite Celebrity Scarlett Johansson [petite model] [petite fashion]


Petite celebrity 5’3″ Scarlett Johansson showed off her petite fashion style this week!  Johansson is a celebrity petite model appearing in campaigns from L’oreal to Dolce and Gabbana.   Yesterday, she arrived at the Children’s Defense Fund benefit event hosted by Coach and Bad Robot in Santa Monica, CA for an evening of Cocktails and Shopping.

Johansson was the lady in red!  She was wearing a waist-cinching Roland Mouret red dress, with a pair of nude classic pointed-toe-pumps, cleanly accessorized with a nude purse.  Her makeup was glamorously done, with a smartly sophisticated tousled hair style.

The latest petite celebrity gossip run-amuck, since her break-up with husband Ryan Reynolds last January is pregnancy rumors, with her new beau Sean Penn, that aren’t true! News sources report that Johansson and Penn are constantly fighting.

Star mag reports that “the duo had a huge fight after Sean confronted Scarlett about her drinking, smoking and — gasp! — weight gain!”  A source tells the magazine, “Sean’s urging Scarlett to go on a health kick, which she’s taken personally since she’s touchy about being heavier than she’d like.” The source goes on to say that though Scarlett wants to lose some weight, “she doesn’t want Sean telling her she should.”

What is odd is that she looks totally fit here and she has been seen training hard recently for her new role in The Avengers. There doesn’t seem to be a need for her to go on a health kick to lose more weight, as she does look petite fit!

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4 thoughts on “Daily Style: Petite Celebrity Scarlett Johansson [petite model] [petite fashion]”

  1. Scarlett looks fine in these photos to me. Her waistline should be the envy of most women.Any skinnier and her head would look too big.Oops, sorry Scarlett, don’t be hating on me!

  2. Scarlett looks a little thin to me. She doesn’t need to lose anymore. Sean Penn of all people telling someone to get fit. He should take his own advice and take care of himself.

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