Daily Style: Petite Celebrity Emma Watson [petite fashion] [petite model]

Editor’s Pick: Petite Celebrity Emma Watson Petite Fashion Style! 

This week (on Monday)  Emma Watson (age 22) was out on the press circuit promoting the final installment of Harry Potter on the Late Show with David Letterman.

You may not know this, but Emma Watson is a petite celebrity actress!  Emma Watson is 5’4″ tall and she is another celebrity finding it difficult to tell the truth about her height.  Rumors have it that her current boyfriend Tom Felton is only 5’8″ but there’s no confirmation on this celebrity matchup just yet!

Emma Watson English actress from Harry potter movies has said she is” ‘about’ 5ft 5″ .  Quote from CelebHieghts

Nonetheless, Watson’s petite fashions style is impeccable!  For the taping she was wearing a single-sleeve Balmain tunic from the Christian Louboutin fall 2011 collection and  6-inch cork Louboutin platform wedges.  Her look was classic with sophisticated clean makeup style!

What do you think about Watson’s petite fashion style?  Tell us below.

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5 thoughts on “Daily Style: Petite Celebrity Emma Watson [petite fashion] [petite model]”

  1. I love this website but I find that the heights you post are nearly always inaccurate. Emma Watson is 5’6″. In another article you’ve said Kate bosworth is 5’3″; she’s 5’5″.You’ve even said Kirsten Dunst is 5’3″; she is 5’7″!

    1. Hi Kristy, actually IMDB, google and most websites reporting celebrity heights, including the agents are EXAGGERATING about majority of all celebrity and model heights. The information you are finding on other internet sources is TOTALLY inaccurate.

      As an industry insider with red carpet access and friends in the ET biz, we have complete access and personal knowledge of celebs/models actual height. We were just at the MTV movie awards and Emma Watson is definitely not 5’6″ (even she says so in her quote in the article where she says ‘ABOUT 5’5″). Don’t forget she wears 4-6 inch heels…Pictures prove she’s petite!

      We recently lunched with Kate Bosworth and she is not 5’5″. The strange notion that Kirstin Dunst is 5’7″ is a far cry from reality. Celebs/Models lie because of the industry standards and ET wants them to be seen as bigger than life!

      If you’re an avid reader of Bella Petite you’d know that we have clearly stated that celebrities and models don’t tell the truth about their height they are always off by 2-6 inches. In fact, we go through great lengths to get the truth about height and celebrities.

      Here is a link to several articles about this height phenom http://bellapetite.com/omg-follows-bella-petite-on-the-truth-about-height-celebrities.html

      Have a good day!

  2. Just some corrections 🙂
    Tom Felton is almost 5’9 (quote from Celebheights) and he has never been her boyfriend (she just had a crush on him).

    As for Emma, I think she could even be 5’3 (since Radcliffe claims 5’5 and she’s evidently shorter than him)

  3. Bellapetite, are you sure Emma Watson is 5’4″?

    It seems too much…I thought she was 5’3″, because apart from Daniel radcliffe, 5’4″ Megan Fox looks way taller than her, and 5’4″ Britney too!

  4. I’m a big fan of hers and never been lucky enough to meet her personally 🙁
    but I have got a cousin who lives in Crawley and often goes out with friends in London, and he told me he saw her! she was like 5 or 6 meters away from him, “hidden” by her bodyguards and seemed to be in a hurry… so I didn’t get her autograph sigh.. anyway he told me she was strangely thin, small and short-looking but apart from that she looked as beautiful as we see her on tv.

    He couldn’t really estimate an height even if I insisted being curious, because she went immediately away and was too far from him: but he assured she couldn’t be over 5’3″ so I don’t know…maybe 5’3″ is exaggerated because my cousin is 5’10…

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