Top 10 Unflattering Styles For Petite Women

Bella Petite: Does this make me look fat?
Bella Petite: Does this make me look fat?


Hello Bella Petites, we are offering you our fashion advice to help you look your best! Do you ever find yourself asking your husband, boyfriend or your gal pal, “does this make me look fat?” If yes, you certainly aren’t the only one. We are pretty sure that every petite woman has pondered whether their clothing or accessories make them appear to look fat, or frumpy on occasion. We have a plethora of choices to make from the color, cut, fabric, scale, style and of course fit all factoring into our decision.

Bella Petite on style
Bella Petite, does this make me look fat?

To make your life easier, as your in-house petite fashion expert, we have taken the time to help sort out just what is unflattering to a petite woman’s figure that makes you appear short and out of shape.

Our petite fashion advice is based on style, fit and scale for the petite woman’s frame.

Some of these styles may work for you and for others they won’t due to your height and proportions, so we suggest that you take into consideration your height and body type when selecting many of these styles.   So the next time you plan to wear any of the following fashions or accessories, the answer to your question may likely be “yes.”

We have selected our “Top 10 Styles That Make Petite Women Look  Fat.”  These are among the worst style offenses a petite woman can commit depending on your height, weight and body type.

If your goal is to look elongated, thin or in-shape, than many of these styles could make you look fat, or appear to make you look out of shape and ultimately shorter.

There are factors you need to consider such as your height and proportions when selecting the best fashions for you.

Bella Petite on style
Does this make me look fat?

The next time you think to yourself  “does this make me look fat?” Here are our style suggestions for you to unfollow!

These are many of the worst fashions for petite women to wear and many times the principles equally apply to tall women too.

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Unflattering Styles For Petite Women”

  1. haha! Thanks so much for answering a question that is on my mind all the time!! My boyfriend hates this when I ask it and cringes to give answer to it because he is afraid to ruin our date!!!hehe I have been one of your biggest fans since I find bellapetite it is the best! I am very encouraged for petite fashion and I go to FIDM and want to design for petite women someday and plan to work with bellapetite 😉 I too understand scale, style, and fit and the role they play on our petite figures. This is very helpful for us petites I think! Thank you Ann Lauren for doing so much for petite women to enjoy fashion too!!!

  2. I am such a big fan of yours Ann Lauren! You have made a positive difference in my confidence as a petite woman and I feel like now we have our place in beauty and fashion with everything you and your team of fab petite women. I always listen to your radio show and enjoy your guest! Please don’t ever give up on petite women because without your efforts we’d still be persona non-grata in fashion.

  3. I find this article quite refreshing and all the time I think to myself do I look fat in this and I’ll ask my man and he rolls his eyes! LOL Thank you for your advice on what is confusing to so many of us! Ann Lauren you are fantastic for stepping up for us petite ladies and taking a stand in the fashion world!

  4. This is the best question that all women ask all the time! LOL I know the men in our lives hate it and so do our friends and I hate it too when asked because I don’t want to tell the truth!! haha! I really love what you are doing Ann for us petites! Bellapetite has done more than every magazine on the planet for petite women and I was in one of your shows years ago and it was great to meet you and be in it! I always knew you would be the woman to make this happen for us! Don’t every stop being the most inspiring petite woman on the planet!

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