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Channing Tatum Prefer’s His Women Petite

Manzon’s love their petite women and Channing Tatum (6’2″; age 40) is no exception!  We’ve loved his many major film roles in recent years, including our favorite at Bella Petite (and maybe the quintessential male objectification film- which we support wholeheartedly), ‘Magic Mike’!

Today, Channing is our man of the hour.  Read on we’re going deep to bring you the goods, Tatum style!

Channing Tatum Shirtless Magic Mike

According to (very questionable) sources, Channing’s marriage to petite brunette, Jenna Dewan (5’0″ age 38), has been on the rocks in recent years, with Tatum’s flirtatious ways being blamed for the trouble at home.

A recent cover of Star magazine suggested that Tatum and Jenna were headed for a disastrous divorce, but the couple has denied the claim. Though Jenna found time to work 15 hours a day on set for the “Witches of East End” (premiered on Lifetime July 6th), so maybe Channing had a little too much alone time while his wife was making out with co-stars ‘friends’ on set.

Jenna began her career as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson and has been focused on acting since.  Lucky for her, she managed to get Channing’s attention on the set of the movie “Step Up,” and shortly after hooking up, they were married.


Funny enough, I have heard women get really upset about tall guys dating or marrying petite gals. They really “don’t get it,” I’ve heard, but here is another great example that the mechanics most definitely work!   I suspect you readers of Bella Petite already knew that though…

Channing Tatum Mila Kunis Jupiter Ascending

Channing Tatum’s film “22 Jump Street” debuted #1 at the box office back in 2014.  The hot gossip is all about “Jupiter Ascending” co-starring Mila Kunis (5’3″ age 38). In the film, Channing has an on-screen romance with Mila, so maybe this is the source of Star’s marriage-trouble story.

Who knows, but this certainly would not be the first marriage to go bust on a Hollywood film set.  For example homewrecker, Angelina pursued Brad destroying the sweethearts of Hollywood.

Personally, it’s hard to imagine how a real marriage can survive on-camera nudity/sex with friends. Considering the autobiographical elements of ‘Magic Mike’ (and Channing’s stripper past) though, I have a feeling Jenna went into this marriage with eyes wide open.

In any case, enjoy Channing’s pics and maybe you’ll be inspired to watch ‘Magic Mike XXL” why resist the eye candy! ;P

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