Change is a Choice [petite models and petite fitness]

In the upcoming New Year, like previous years, we are faced with many challenges. Whether it’s a failing economy, a planet in peril, or changing the fashion industry standards, the challenges remain. But within all these challenges, there is still hope for change. But change will not come if we continue to do things the same.

Bella Petite is that agent of change, for the fashion and beauty industry, which is proving that you can’t just give lip service to what must be changed, you must be willing to do something about it.

The same holds true for your goals for the upcoming year…be it health/fitness goals, financial goals, spiritual aspirations, family or career goals. The hope each year is that this New Year will somehow be better than the last.

My theme for this month is “change,” because without it, reaching new goals is virtually impossible. Change is sometimes difficult, but often necessary. As it relates to health/fitness, consider making up your mind to take steps towards a “lifestyle change” rather than something you do for awhile to reach a “result”. Being healthy and fit is all about living it day in and day out, not just for the month of January when you make a New Years Resolution, or when summer comes and you want to wear all the cute revealing clothes.

So, if you’re thinking that 2011 is the year for you to finally get in shape and get healthy, then make up your mind that you will make changes that you can live with for a lifetime. Build the steps towards your goal into your daily schedule, so each day you are not only doing something to reach your goal, but you are making a conscious effort to make it a part of your daily routine. I think the biggest mistake that people make when trying to tackle a new goal is that they think it’s just supposed to happen, and when it doesn’t they become very hard on themselves.

The fact that you want it to happen is not enough; you must make it a priority in terms of your daily choices. So, regardless of your goals – whether it’s making cleaner food choices at the grocery store, scheduling in more prayer-time, play-time with your kids, or gym time – don’t assume that it’ll happen, make a choice to write it on your schedule until it becomes such a habit that you don’t have to anymore.

The first step in changing your current habits is to change your current way of thinking. Thinking differently about food, reading labels and making smart choices at the store along with a little advance preparation are significant steps towards being able to eat clean.

Physique Complete, operates under the principle that if you feed a hungry man some fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. This is why we believe in educating people on these things so that people can become independent and learn to make smart choices for themselves. So, keep that in mind as you are swarmed this New Year season with advertisements for weight loss programs. Ask yourself if this program is something that you will be able to continue to do independent of the company, and on your own. Ask yourself if it is teaching you the skills that you need to lose and maintain your weight loss on your own. Ask yourself if the company’s primary goal is selling you more of their service, or to educate and help you so you no longer need their service.

If you are looking for something more economical and something that will help you to live this healthy lifestyle on your own, then consider working with Physique Complete. We offer personal services such as Nutrition Consults, Grocery Store trips where we get hands on experience in reading labels and making choices, as well as follow-up support meetings as needed. The ultimate goal of all our services is to get you to the point where you don’t need them anymore. Because to us, your independence is our success.   In Health & Fitness, Jeanene Cannon, NASM CPT, CES


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