Celebrity Skincare and Beauty Secrets Revealed! Anti-Aging

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This Fall I’ve noticed how many “older” women are gracing the covers of our country’s most popular magazines about beauty, fashion and health. Just 10 years ago when I was doing makeup for print photographers, this was a rare phenomenon. From the 1960’s until 2000, once a model or actress hit 30, her cover career was pretty much over.

Kate Moss on the Vogue cover above is 37. This used to be a “senior citizen” age in the fashion industry. Are people actually aging more slowly now? Some are, some aren’t. It’s a medical fact that a healthy and active lifestyle can greatly slow our aging process.

Most of this “article’s” information is visual to let the photos tell most of the story. We are highlighting the newest developments to slow, or reverse, our aging process. I know that the benefits of aging in 2011, like wisdom and experience, don’t have be offset by a decline in our appearance.  We are offering anti-aging techniques for the modern age!

So, every time you see someone older on a magazine cover use that photo as further encouragement to keep up your appearance. I’m glad to be here to help you at Salon Revive!  Come by and ask for me, Bella Petite Beauty Expert Shonda Chase, R.N. 

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42 Year Old Jennifer Lopez

Petite celebrity Jlo’s  beauty secrets: Jennifer enjoys the results of Botox, regular skincare, and active lifestyle and a healthy diet didn’t help to have her be voted People’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman.

What I also learned from her – I’m going to be blonde the rest of my life. No silver or gray hair for me.

42 Year Old Catherine Zeta-Jones

One of my favorites! Her skincare secrets include using 302 Skincare Drops and 302 Sensitive Cleanser (the same program I follow), laser hair removal, Botox and dermal fillers.

50 Year Old Julianne Moore (51 in 6 weeks)

Petite actress Moore’s beauty secrets: Sun management, Botox, Fillers and Photoshop

Even fair skinned Scottish/Irish descended people don’t have to have sun damaged skin. Photoshop and makeup help to “reduce” Julianne’s natural freckles. One of our Vi-Peels can lighten unwanted freckles.

FYI, like it or not, after January 1, 2012, under 18 year olds can no longer use a tanning bed without a doctor’s prescription.  Here’s an in-depth article with reasons why tanning is HORRIBLE for your skin. What you need to know before you tan.

And 35 Year Old Penelope Cruz

Petite celebrity latin star Cruz beauty secrets revealed! For the 20-30 something age group.

A “senior citizen” for the Gen-Xers but she shows the results of having lip filler injections, an active lifestyle, and great genes. Standards change. In 2011, Botox and fillers have become the “new lipstick” of the 1950’s and 60’s. And, an active lifestyle can include something as simple as taking the stairs every chance we get.

36 Year Old Angelina Jolie

Are those Angelina’s real lips?

Angelina is a naturally beautiful woman who leads a very active life and is careful with her nutrition at the same time. She is a good example of someone who has achieved lean muscle mass and still looks completely feminine.

Angelina has tubular lips, in contrast to “gull wing” lips. Due to HIPAA rules, I can’t tell you how I know but Angelina gets her lips filled the same way I enhance lips. Lips should look natural, and beautiful, and never look like they’ve had filler.  Written By Shonda Chase, R.N Revive Wellness Center


MD Formulations Anti-Aging Kit
MD Formulations Anti-Aging Kit
Don’t let your skin make you look older than you feel. This multi-action, full-strength skincare solution includes all you need for a smooth, youthful and vibrant complexion. The MD Formulations Anti-Aging Kit includes: Facial Cleanser (2 oz) cleanses, balances and lightly exfoliates skin. Continuous Renewal Serum (1 oz), formerly called Facial Lotion, removes old skin cell build up that make skin look aged. Vit-A-Plus Night Recovery (0.3 oz) reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles, increases resiliency and improves overall skin texture. Vit-A-Plus Eye Crme (0.17 oz) treats signs of aging around the eyes. Moisture Defense Antioxidant Serum (0.5 oz) restores hydration and helps defend against free-radical damage. Moisture Defense Antioxidant Eye Crme (0.17 oz) hydrates, brightens and firms eye area. Total Protector 30 (0.3 oz) protects skin from harmful UVB and UVA rays. Choose this kit if you: Want less visible lines and wrinkles, smoother skin, increased firmness and an overall youthful glow. Want to help control occasional blemishes and refine enlarged pores around the t-zone and chin. Have normal or combination skin.

NeoStrata Anti-Aging Level 1: Starter Protocol
NeoStrata Anti-Aging Level 1: Starter Protocol
The NeoStrata AntiAging Level 1: Starter Protocol includes day and night products formulated with 10% AHA for first time AHA users. Alpha hydroxyacids (AHAs), glycolic and citric acid help visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles and restore the skin to a more youthful appearance. AHAs have also been proven to improve the quality of elastin and the density of collagen, and to promote the production of GAGs such as natural hyaluronic acid, which help support the skin, building volume, increasing the appearance of fullness and firmness, and smoothing wrinkles from the inside out. These NeoStrata AHA products are also formulated with an amphoteric complex to maintain effectiveness while adjusting pH for gentle skin absorption.

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