Petite Celebrity Profile: A Triple Threat Performer Melissa Molinaro


Petite celebrity 5’1″ Melissa Molinaro was recently a guest on the Bella Petite Hour, where she and celebrity yoga expert Dashama shared inspiring words to help keep you motivated! Molinaro shared with us that she was inspired at a young age by Michael Jackson to become a singer and dancer, and she encouraged listeners to get their bodies in motion to create positive energy and a healthy mood shift.melissa-molinaro-verses-kim-kardashian

Molinaro attributes much of her success to her faith in the Roman Catholic church, which played a key role in her early life growing up in an Italian Catholic family. Melissa credits her faith with helping her maintain inspiration and motivation. In fact, she joined a theatre group where they regularly join in prayer before rehearsing or performing, a ritual that Melissa found “immensely uplifting!”

Molinaro was candid during her interview, as we briefly laughed about her run-in with Kim Kardashian. The spat arose over a scandalous ‘Old Navy” affair (instigated by Kim, of course), but you’ll have to tune-in to the show for more on that subject! Molinaro also expressed some concern over brands like “Old Navy” overlooking her for opportunities because of her striking similarities to Kim Kardashian.

Melissa-Molinaro-1We also talked about how much Melissa appreciates her petite stature. Molinaro is incredibly confident and does not feel the need to overstate her 5’1.5″ height, (as so many petite celebrities do!) as she feels that she has “the tallest personality in the world!”

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