Who’s telling the truth about their height in Hollywood? It appears nobody. Even the men lie.

High School Musicals star petite hottie 5’0″ Vanessa Hudgens and Transformers star petite hottie 5’2″ Megan Fox rock the red carpet at MTV’s Movie Awards.

US Actress Vanessa Hudgens recently in High School Musical. In TeenRag, “I like surfer guys and guys who are taller than me which is not hard because I’m only 5’3. She isn’t though… she’s lucky to reach 5’0″. Vanessa needs to be confident in her height as she carries herself beautifully.


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  2. Really interesting post do any of the celebrities tell the truth about how tall they are. What's wrong with telling the truth they are still talented and beautiful so who cares how tall they aren't?

    1. Due to the negative perceptions about height models and actresses feel compelled to represent an "ideal" image portrayed by the media. Obviously, it time for a fashion makeover and retire the old perceptions we all know to be ridiculous.

  3. Sometimes the body proportion covers the petite appearance.
    I am 5’5″, but people think I’m 5’9″ even without high heels. That is actually because I have narrow shoulder, torso, and waist, that those combined with my height makes me looking like enormous girl.
    I think this thing happens to Megan Fox, Nicole Fox (from ANTM cycle 13 she’s 5’7″ and looks like 5’11”), and Nicole Scherzinger (she’s 5’5″ like me).
    Some petite girls are lucky to have narrow body torso making the kind of proportion that gives effect of lengthening their body in appearance of taller than their actual heights.

    Thank God! 🙂

  4. Vannessa hudgens really 5 foot? Ive read that she is about 5’3 5’4. Im 5 foot and she looks a bit taller than myself.

  5. I’m only 5’2 and I recently applied to your modeling agency. It’s really hard to find petite modeling representation and I really like what you all stand for. Hopefully, I hear from you all soon. :)The problem I have with only having models only 5’8 or higher is that when you see tall models in magazines, fashion shows, etc. not everyone is that tall, so what am I looking at a beautiful dress on a beautiful 5’10 girl and I have no idea what it’s gonna look like on me? You would think that by now modeling agencies would go for a different look and make everyone distinctive instead of going for the pretty, tall, thin yet generic look. I’m not hating on tall models because a lot of them are pretty, such as Tyra Banks, Kate Moss, etc. but there’s a lot of petite girls that I know including myself that are very attractive, too and people need to see what clothes look like on all body types. I mean, we’ve gotten past the anorexic/toothpick barrier and there’s plus-sized/voluptuous models, not but we can’t have shorter models? The really messed up part is that a lot of girls aren’t all that tall, so we shouldn’t be allowed to live our dreams? When was the last time you heard someone tell a tall person they couldn’t play basketball or model? I mean why should tall peopls get everything?

  6. Megan Fox’s agency listed her 5’6″, and that’s the lie, but she then remarked she’s 5’4″ which is the truth.
    Since she looks very tall, she could have lied and keep the 5’6″ but she didn’t so I assume it’s her real height. Also it’s IMPOSSIBLE she’s shorter than that because even 5’4″ seems too low, so 5’2″ is just crazy!

    If you downgrade this much their heights, the site won’t be truthful!
    Just my opinion 🙂

    1. Hello Lady, thank you for your comment. We are in the business and many of us have opportunity to meet celebs. As you may know, we have noted that many celebs and models exaggerate their height by as low as 2 inches and as much as a whopping 6 inches! We know the industry has the two inch rule. Hollywood magic and four-six inch heels make everybody look taller. We do our best to insure accuracy. Have a good one!

      1. Exactly as you mentioned… The 2 inch lie would be that her AGENCY reported her as 5’6, and Megan in turn corrected the mistake by saying that she was only 5’4… If you guys really think she is only 5’2 you are sordidly mistaken and have not actually seen her in real life in flat shoes…

  7. I firmly believe that Megan Fox is 5’4″. One of my favorite websites is and its pretty accurate. Editor rob gets pictures with celebs and takes their shoes and posture into account and every quarter of an inch is debated and argued over by people who have met them! It’s fun really. Its not a website that goes by how tall celebs say they are but factual evidence. Mostof them do lie by 2+ inches and are rightfully downgraded there.He has megan at 5’4″ which seems a lot more accurate. Also, my husband is 6’3″ and I am 5’3″ and I come up to his shoulder barely.! I really love Bella petite and Megan would still be petite at 5’4″ but 5’2″ seems a little too low for her.

      1. Our executives and experts are in the et and fashion industry and we have access to talent information, along with direct sources. Many of the celebrities we have personally met at events and for press interviews.

    1. Hi Sarah, you are entitled to your beliefs, but our sources have access to the talent information. We are in the industry. If we have listed a celebs height that means we are confident that it is correct 🙂 P.S. We have not yet been corrected by the talent or their reps for our information. We often use celebheights to confirm our findings. And we double check with our personal sources. Thank you for reading us!

      1. I have worked in theater and have been in direct physical contact with many what are now ‘female celebrities’, and a vast many of which do lie about their height if certain websites are anything to go by. Catherine Zeta Jones is no more than 5ft5 as I have stood next to her: bare footed whilst dressing her for her performance in the 1991 series ‘darling buds of May’. She apparently stands taller than J Low who is a reported 5ft8 according to New York Tattler, but that is a lie she is much shorter likely 5’5″ so I must have only been 5ft tall back in 1991 and shot up by six inches within the past two decades!

  8. ***The very personal reason I care that far too many people (of both genders) “in general” (not just celebrities) LIE about how tall they “really” are is because I don’t LIE about how tall I am, & I have on more than one occasion in my life been accused (by both genders) of LYING in the opposite direction (ie saying that I was SHORTER than I really was)=I UNDERSTANDABLY don’t particularly like it when people who are practically strangers to me either want to believe or truly do believe that they are taller than they really are so they actually get MAD at me for vehemently insisting that I am 5’9 1/2 IN BARE FEET!!!!!

  9. Considering I used to to work in the UK theater departments, I can reveal that the following female celebrities are under 5ft5: Catherine Zeta Jones, Holly Willoughby, Linda Lusardi, Victoria Beckham, Scarlett Johansson and Kim Kardashian – many more are not entered here because the list is comprehensive enough. I can also confirm that many super-models are from being over 6ft as they claim to be, yet this will have to include a different debate altogether.

  10. Thank you for this site and to all the people who stand up for this campaign. No doubt that the fashion industry will soon appreciate the short models that has also that appeal and talent to walk the runway. Because of this campaign more ladies and women out there will be more open and have the confidence they need to pursue their dreams to be a model. God Bless you more! Stay awesome. 😉

  11. Most agencies lie about their models’ heights by one or two inches, so as actor/esses do. It’s because in most societies height is seen as an asset. But I’d say body proportions play a more important role to the image, that is why many claims pass unnoticed. By the way, that’s the case of Cara Delevingne, who supposedly stands at 5’6 or so, despite the claim of her former agency (5’9). Apparently while in a casting for Marc Jacobs he asked pointing to her “why is that dwarf in here?” and banned her from walking the catwalk. Anyway she has gold proportions (she’s slim and long-legged).

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