Celebrities As Fashion Icons

Celebrities As Fashion Icons

The newspapers, the news on TV and the advertisement in the cinemas are full of them: popular faces of actors, sportsmen, musicians and models.

From petite celebrity  icon Lady Gaga (a CFDA Winner), to professional soccer player and spokesmodel David Beckham and his petite fashionista Victoria Beckham, and petite actress Scarlett Johansson, or glamazon supermodel Eva Padberg these are only a few names, which can be mentioned.  Some are cool, some are crazy!  

No matter what, they always look good, act elegantly and have the coolest answers on hand if necessary.  Their image and popularity are often helpful in promoting a specific style as well.  Their little fashion details matter much to the public eye and are often taken as the new trends in the industry.

Fashion in line with the image

Usually, the fashion of a superstar goes together well with his or her image. Lady Gaga’s crazy image is even partly the result of her fashion taste. Wearing meat costumes or telephones as hats has made her an ever recognizable personality sometimes even viewed in a critical light.

Other celebs pay attention to less controversial details which nonetheless reflect their image.  Messi’s Audemars Piguet watch is a good example.

The famous sports star can convey his love of accuracy and timing as well as the relation to his activity in sports.  Apart from that, the item, which can be found on Chrono24, is very elegant and can be worn on many official occasions.

Identification through fashion

Not only superstars use fashion as a means of expressing themselves.  Also, the common people experiment with their styles in order to give themselves a certain identity.

The everyday styles are often easy versions of the elaborate celebrity version, which provide an inspirational foundation.

This counts especially for young people who try to find their own style.  In fact, fashion for young people has also much to do with camouflage and disguise which eventually leads to their own self.

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