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Celebrity Red Carpet Look on Julie Benz

The red carpet always inspires celebrity looks at discount prices.  You can find tons of celebrity inspired looks online at, or you can order direct and check out discount stores like Ross and Kohls.

The gowns at edressme are priced to sell in the $250 – $450 range, but don’t expect couture dresses at these prices.  What counts is that we can achieve the celebrity look for less.  The awful truth is petite women will most likely require alterations, especially on the long gowns.  Cross your fingers that some of the short styles may be workable.   Until designers get a clue, the tailor will remain a petite woman’s best friend!

Hot Labor Day Look

Traditionally Labor Day marks the end of summer.  Even though we still have a couple more weeks until Fall has arrived, we can still soak in the last days of the summer season.  If you’re in California, you are most definitely still in “summer” mode and should take full advantage.

The good new for moms is that the kids are back in school and you have a little more time for yourself to enjoy the down swing of the summer sun and soak in the essence of its last days.  I’m sure in the back of your mind you can hear the old Don Henley song “Boys of Summer” and you’re feeling like you just didn’t quite get enough.

Sure it’s always a difficult and hectic transition to make, but it’s unavoidable and the best way to get into the swing of the fall season is to search out the fall trends and what we can expect in the 2011 season for petites.  Luckily, we have the full report here on Bella Petite.  Get your fall and 2011 trends for petite fashion from Bella Petite’s expert Ginger Puglia.

In the meantime here’s a great pic with a fantastic “petite model” showing a wonderful fall fashion print dress to get you in the autumn mood!  This modern V-neckline, defined waistline and three quarter sleeve with A-line shaped knee line is a flattering style for a petite frame.

Oscar 2010 Red Carpet Look on PETITE Celebrity and Fashion Designer Sarah Jessica Parker

The creme de’ la creme of the most fashionable petite celebrities, Sarah Jessica Parker, appeared in a Chanel Couture gown to die for!  Most women wouldn’t be able to wear this gown ever.  She was certainly one of the best dressed celebrities at the 82nd Oscars.
Here’s a great example of making a fashion statement you either love or hate.  The strap around her neck, the metallic detail at the lower back, and the shift style normally extremely unflattering features, but not for Sarah Jessica Parker she pulled this look of with extreme fashion dexterity.  Surely she is bringing to Halston at Neiman Marcus.

Petite Fashion Fascination

Why are we fascinated by fashion when petite women rarely can find clothing that fit properly and we have few chances to attend glamorous events in an evening gown?  I suppose we are fascinated by the fashion of celebrities on the red carpet.  The reasons are endless as to why we are enthralled to see what the glam dolls are wearing.
It’s a chance to live vicariously through our favorite celebrities in gorgeous gowns and then we gossip about the best and the worst dressed celebrities on the red carpet.  It’s fun and we get our fashion fix by peeking into that make-believe world  we dream to be part of.  The stars look bigger than life and, as we know, the celebrities always appear to be a bit taller than they really are! Written by: Ann Lauren

Quote by Chanelle: “I would subscribe to Bella Petite Magazine whether or not there was a model search, because of the fact that this is a magazine that is trying to change the discriminatory height standards in the fashion industry.  I love being a part of that!”  Enter the Bella Petite Magazine Cover Girl and Editorial petite model search.

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