Should a Woman Out-Give In The Relationship

Man-Gives-A-GiftOn a sadder note, some women equate giving to Love. They feel that because it satisfies something within themselves, it must be surely the same for him. Not so at all. Women can be easily dazzled, and some even bought with the lure of trinkets, unfortunately to their demise and downfall they still may walk away empty handed at the end of the day.

Finding true balance in the relationship is the key. But sometimes (silly) women get ahead of themselves and feel that if they out-give the man- he can’t help but fall head over heels and madly in love with her. “Sorry Ladies I hate to burst your bubble-but this just doesn’t work.” It is important to recognize that as adorable as men are, they don’t think on their feet as quick as Man-Proposing-to-Womanwomen!

Women have the imaginary ring on the finger, hear wedding bells in the chapel, and the baby is on the way, before a man has had a chance to say “How Do You Do?” What goes on in the head of a woman occurs at the speed of light, she is always ahead in her emotions over a man.

Men take a snail’s pace. But once a man is smitten, and bitten by love, he is captured because he wants to be. It is truly by choice only, this man has given into the affections of the woman, no gifts, no begging and pleading, and no emotional drama or turmoil will move him any closer to the woman, or to the commitment phase of the relationship, unless he wishes to do so.

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