Should a Woman Out-Give In The Relationship

Love is a RISKRelationship Expert “The Loveista”- Candace Chambers-Belida 

Some people believe that if you out-love, out-give, out-nourish your personal relationship that you will get back all that you gave and much more. Unfortunately this is not the case. No matter how masterful you are at giving, there is absolutely no guarantee that the one you give is going to give back to you the same measure meted or more. When it comes to Love, there is again no guarantee that the one you love is going to love you. Love has always been and will always be until the end of time, a Risk! Giving your heart and emotions to someone is the biggest risk in life that one can take.

Women by nature are givers and nurturers, so they feel deep inside that the more they love a man Women-Men-And-Loveand show their affection that the man can’t help but fall helplessly in love with them. Wrong!

Men do not fall in love with a woman merely because he received trinkets or her undying love served to him on a platter. Even if you laid your body down on the flames of eternal fire, they still may not even take a second notice at the huge sacrifice you are making.I feel that a man indubitably falls in love with a woman when he first of all finds that he simply can’t live without her, and yes even if it sound mushy, he feels more so that she completes and adds to that other half that he is seeking for. Ideally a man needs the other half of his being to complete himself. All the gifts in the world, may buy his attention, but will not buy his true affections and heart.

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