Can Social Media Mistakes Destroy Your Career & Credibility?

Podcast Playing: Join the Bella Petite Hour (Host Ann Lauren) and co-host The Change Agent and Author of  “Healing The Corporate World” Maria Gamb, along with special guest expert Dr. Brian Grossman.

During the show we will discuss the sociological implications of social media and how it can effect your career, credibility and social life.

“Can Social Media Mistakes Destroy Your Career & Credibility?”

If you thought social media was just for fun, think again. It’s serious business and it can affect your relationships, your career and your credibility – permanently.

Brian Grossman, PhD, aka Dr. Brian, is a professional psychologist with a twist! He spent four years in prison (as a psychologist), and is currently a relationship expert, motivational speaker, and author of “Learning to Listen: Did you Hear What I Think I Said”.

Dr. Brian will address the career dangers of social media, the biggest pitfalls, privacy issues, and working a social media ‘strategy’ into your life. He will also address such questions as:

· Who owns the company’s social media?

· What if office politics are killing my promotion, or I’m being unfairly targeted by colleagues’ posts? Can’t I defend myself?

· Why should I care if someone else at the party posts pictures of me? And what should I do?

· Must I avoid everything personal in my posts – from my dates to my hatred of Republicans/Democrats?

· Privacy? What privacy?


Maria Gamb is the CEO and Founder of NMS Communications, LLC. She’s an advocate of  ”no more stress,” hence her company is aptly named “NMS” Known as “The Change Agent” she has over twenty years in corporate management at Fortune 500 companies.

Gamb has worked in various capacities as Designer, Product Manager and Director for; Macy’s, Geoffrey Been, Liz Claiborne and Ralph Lauren.


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