The Body Weight Workout

You don’t have a home gym and you don’t feel like forking over a monthly fee to the gym down the road where the meat heads stare and grunt…No problem. All you need is your own body weight! Thats right ladies, no more excuses!

It has been proven that body resistance exercises have more benefits than any other work out, something the fitness industry isn’t too keen on promoting because they earn big bucks through home gym equipment and gym memberships. To be blunt, running endlessly and burning yourself out on weight sets actually weakens your body and immune system.

Everyone knows women are busier than men, still no excuse. We can find 5 minutes at some point in the day to do a quick bodyweight circuit.

Do a few of these 5 minute sessions in one day and before you know it you have the start of your very own get fit program!

How to get started?


Find a couch or chair, sit at the edge with the palms of your hands gripping the edge of the couch on each side.

Then slide your bum off the couch supporting your body weight with your hands and heels of your feet on floor. (Toes pointing up)

Dip from a seated position just off the couch and go down to where you bum is almost touching the floor.

Do 3 sets of 10 dips SLOW AND CONTROLLED


Start in push up position making sure that your hands will be covered by your chest/shoulders when you sink down to the floor.

Perform a normal push up until the point where your arms are completely extended at the height of your push up and take it to the next level by lifting your right hand off the floor, stretching it straight out, and rotate your body, so that your right hand and right hip are facing towards the sky as if you are waving at the sun.

Rotate right and lefthand waves after every push-up!

Do 3 sets of 10 waving push ups SLOW AND CONTROLLED


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