Bella Petite Hour Gets Behind the Scenes with “Chicago Style Petites”

On the next Bella Petite Hour (with Host Ann Lauren) we will get the behind the scenes scoop on the “Petites: Chicago Style” shoot. It was produced and directed by actress, dancer and producer Jennifer Bollinger. Jennifer is a newly contributing writer on BellaPetite and the regional director for editorial shoots in Chicago. We will also have prominent Chicago-based photographer Mike White responsible for shooting the editorial feature. In addition, we will have Cecilia, one of the petite models, to talk about her experience being a part of the first ever Chicago Bella Petite production!

Jennifer explained to me what shaped her concept:

“My idea for the recent fashion photo shoot for BellaPetite came about as I was having dinner with my dear friend Cecilla Coppney. Talking about the issue of being a “mature” woman (oh how I dislike those adjucts) sparked the idea in me of how the fashion industry not only overlooks petites but woman of a certain age also.

My aim is to highlight women from a broad age and weight spectrum, celebrating the beauty of women of all ages, 18 to well over 40, in order to show the youth, wisdom and beauty women possess well after the industry has refused to take a look. They are missing the boat and leaving out a huge section of women that continue to carry their youth well into their “mature” years. Coupled that with wisdom, the ability to survive, maintain their looks, manage homes, businesses,work in the professional arena and contribute to their community with a strong spiritual base… and you have qualities that, to me, make for a new era of the “youthful petite woman.”

The Bella Petite Hour

Tune in next Tuesday March 16th at 10:00am PST and 1:00pm EDT, LIVE on America’s Web Radio. You will hear exciting details and news from the cast and crew of our “Petites: Chicago Style” shoot for Bella Petite. We are making fashion history and changing the old industry height standards, as well as breaking down all of the old age stereo-types. We are truly ushering in a new breed of models and beauty by featuring the real women of the world, the petite woman! Please leave your comments and suggestions here and we will discuss them on the show.
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2 thoughts on “Bella Petite Hour Gets Behind the Scenes with “Chicago Style Petites””

  1. With five years, and over 13 shoots together I have no doubt that you couldn't have found a more dedicated, hard-working, creative, amazing model, woman, or person for the job!!!

    ~Dave (Burdick Imaging)

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