Bella Petite Hour: Petite Model Doubleheader!

On the next Bella Petite Hour (with host Ann Lauren) we will explore the petite model, fashion and entertainment scenes.  We have three great guests scheduled for the show to let us in on what’s happening in the business.

You’ll meet this month’s Bella Petite Model Search finalist, Sherise Cataraha.  Also, Steven Roddy, of the Marketing Model, will join us to tell you how he can make you famous!  Plus, as a special treat, we’ll have July’s Bella Petite cover girl, Angela Phillips, who recently launched a new petite fashion event marketing company.


Sherise Cataraha is a 5’2″ petite model with Focus International Hawaii (her agent is Swan Bowden).  She is currently scheduled to appear at the Fusion International “Model and Talent Search” this month in Las Vegas (June 26-27th).  Sherise is an ingenue and new to the modeling and fashion industry.  Her resume includes appearances as a fashion model on Rob Dyrdek’s “Fantasy Factory,” a reality show on MTV,  in addition to cover model appearances on “This Week’s Oahu” and “Vuboom Magazine.”

Sherise feels that the “Bella Petite fashion movement is important to petite women because it gives petite women like her a chance to be able to become successful and get noticed in the fashion industry.  People are not all one size and one height, we are all different, so she doesn’t think it’s fair that you have to be a certain height or weight to be able to be in the fashion industry.  Remember the saying “good things come in small packages.” Cover shot by Peter Baratti.

Former model and television host, Steven Roddy, at the age of 23 was the youngest owner of a professional football team. Following the football team Roddy formed, a marketing website that teaches aspiring singers, actors and models, “The Marketing Model to Become Famous.” Steven has consulted for NBC, Sherwin Williams, 2 New York Times best selling authors, Success Magazine, and various other clients from Canada to Hawaii.

In conjunction with he created, where he serves as an online pageant coach that instructs more than 40,000 girls monthly how to win a national title in pageantry.  Steven Roddy and will be teaming up to tell you how to become famous!  The details will be coming soon!


5’3 petite model Angela Philips is an inspirational petite. She tells us,  “It would be such an honor to be a cover girl for Bella Petite Magazine. I feel like I make a great candidate because I represent what the magazine is all about.

As a petite female athlete, I had to battle similar basketball height industry standards to earn  my scholarship to the University of Kentucky, starting point guard position, awards and the responsibility to lead the team.

Now, I am battling the same height standards in the fashion industry and am willing to fight just as hard for the petite fashion movement as I did for our place in the sports world.  There were countless young girls who said the same thing to me so many times after my games: ‘I’m the smallest player on my team too and I want to be just like you.’  I want to give petite females that same inspiration to be whatever they want to be whether its a model or CEO.”


Angela recently her launched her own event marketing company called Smart Marketing.  The first fashion show she is producing will feature designs by Vanessa Vinci and will have twelve petite models, including Bella Petite cover girl Amber Forrester.  The fashion show will be held at the Elite Beauty Expo on Saturday June 26th. from 11:30-12:30 as the finale of the expo at the the Commisioner Edward Bowden  Facility in Atlanta, Georgia.

Angela also is starring in a new independent film titled “Step Sisters,” to be released in 2011!

Bella Petite Hour

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