Bella Petite Hour on “Five Quick Ways to Read the Room”

Take Your Networking Event by Storm: 5 Quick Ways to Read the Room™ and Meet “Your People”

This week’s Bella Petite Hour (with host Ann Lauren) and business expert Maria Gamb will focus on the importance of meeting the right connections and networking in effective ways to take your career to the next level.  Whether you want to change your career,  get that promotion you’ve been waiting for, or start a new business, we will tell you how to accomplish your goals.

Networking is of the utmost importance when seeking a job or that perfect connection to get you to the next step.  Spend less than an hour with me, Maria Gamb and our special guest Bryn Johnson and walk away with 5 Ways to Read the Room™ and Meet “Your People”.

This will completely reenergize your networking efforts at events and other connection opportunities.  You can’t afford not to listen!!  You’ll gather ideas and action items to implement that very afternoon!

· Do you spend hard-earned $$ on seminars with few results?

· Are you trying to meet people to move your career or business forward?

· Do pass out business cards with no real strategy?

· Does networking exhaust you at these events?

· Do you find a stack business cards collected from an event last year buried in your desk?

Bryn Johnson

“For 20 years in Corporate America, I ran teams and projects within human resources, consulting, management training, recruiting, client training and marketing through building relationships and encouraging innovation. Hundreds of young professionals were mentored and developed under my leadership of high-potential management training and internship programs.

I’m happy to call the largest corporations in the world my clients, helping them to restructure their recruitment practices and strengthen their employment brand in the marketplace. I have achieved incredible success and earned the confidence of senior management, business partners and teammates.”

The Bella Petite Hour

Tune in to the LIVE broadcast this Tuesday August 10th at 10:00 am PST on America’s Web Radio.  If you miss the live show the podcast will be available here on Bella Petite and Itunes.  If you have any questions please leave them here and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you!


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7 thoughts on “Bella Petite Hour on “Five Quick Ways to Read the Room””

  1. Man.. Do I have the tools for networking NOW.. Thank you for bringing the insight together and opening my eyes and Petites in processing a more memorable presences with others via Networking in groups.. See.. This is applicable for us guys too.. Much appreciated!.. Maria Gamb.. you are simply amazing!.. Bryn Johnson’s education on communication skills.. are second to none.

  2. Is it bad to be controlling of the conversation or should I just make the conversation? I really worry about this one…help! I get nervous so I tend to keep talking.

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