Bella Petite Hour on “Expert Creative Solutions” with Maria Gamb

6/29/10: The Bella Petite Hour (with host Ann Lauren) features Fortune 500 business experts Maria Gamb and Michael McMillan. We are going to talk about the importance of saying what you mean and meaning what you say.  Plus, how to turn any problem into a solution!  This show will give you the tools and knowledge on how to accomplish your goals and take on any size problem.

Maria Gamb is the CEO and Founder of NMS Communications, LLC. She’s an advocate of  ”no more stress,” hence her company is aptly named “NMS.”  Known as “The Change Agent” she has over twenty years in corporate management at Fortune 500 companies.  Working in various capacities as designer, product manager and director for: Macy’s, Geoffrey Been, Liz Claiborne and Ralph Lauren.

101 Habits to Achieving and Expanding Your Success

In this comprehensive ebook, Maria Gamb offers an integrated approach to forming habits (101 of them!) that empower you to achieve and expand your success.  By following Maria’s insights and performing the powerful personal exercises contained in the e-book, 101 Habits to Achieving and Expanding Your Success will help you take advantage of the opportunities that create success.

Maria has recently joined Bella Petite’s leading team of experts and she will be co-hosting this fantastic segment.  We plan to have regularly scheduled programming on the Bella Petite Hour with Maria.  Maria has a column she now writes expressly for and her first installment is “Are You a Lipstick Bully!”


Our guest expert to compliment the show is Michael McMillan a vanguard visionary leading the way in his visual communications firm for over twenty years.  His firm represented a client roster that reads like the who’s who of business, including F500 corporations Nestle, State Farm, FedEx, Verizon Wireless to name a few.  Sports and music legends, and non-profit organizations have enlisted Michael’s innovative guidance to deliver powerful solutions with award winning results.

Michael sees no boundaries, his fascinating repertoire of accomplishments includes creative direction for Michael Jordan’s New York Times best-selling pictorial autobiography, Rare Air, which established a new niche in retail publishing. He followed this success with several more award-winning coffee-table books, including Mario Andretti, The NBA at 50 and John Deere’s Genuine Value.

Since selling his communications firm, Michael has embarked on a personal journey to share his unique poignant insight on creative thinking.  Michael says he is ” a perception catalyst and self-described truth seeker, inspiring others to question, think and see differently—balanced with respect for existing culture and frameworks.”

Michael McMillan has recently released his latest book Pink Bat: Turning Problems Into Solutions.  His first book is Paper Airplane: A Lesson For Flying Outside The Box. Both books are excellent reads and we highly recommend you read them too!

Bella Petite Hour

On June 29th Listen to the LIVE  show on America’s Web Radio at 10:00 AM PST.  This will be a great show to help you understand the meaning or your words and how to solve any problem you are faced with in everyday life, work and family!  If you missed the LIVE broadcast the podcast will be playing here on BellaPetite.

Written by: Ann Lauren


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