Bella Petite Hour LifeStyle “Stop and Smell the Roses”

Don’t you hate it when people tell you to stop and smell the roses? Especially when you feel like if you stop for even a moment its all going to come crashing down around you. How can you stop and smell the roses when you feel like you’re on a merry go round: turning, turning. Same old song. Same horse in front of you same horse behind. Life just spinning around in a blur? Yeah I’ve been there. Now let me ask you this: have you found yourself trying to pray your way out of your day as you plod along trying to make the next deadline, the next appointment, the next carpool. “Dear GOD, please let me make it to through this next assignment, my next dinner for the in-laws, the next billing cycle, the next traffic light.” But pray as you might, you feel just as tired, just as anxious, just as fearful? I have two words for you: KIM Terranova, one of my Inner Circle members at Nia’s Elements Of Life.

Kim Terranova: Bella Petite Hour Radio Show Guest.

Kim is this amazing life coach who has a way of giving you the words, the tools not to help pray yourself out of your day, but rather, to pray yourself into a more fruitful and fulfilling day, shooting you off that merry go round and on to solid ground. And believe me gals, sometimes its that simple, as simple as choosing the right words. Let’s take a bold and obvious request: “GOD I’m broke. I need to earn $50,000 by the end of the year.” To that Kim would probably reply something like, “ You just limited GOD by telling him how to show up. You really don’t need $50,000 What you probably really desire and need is financial freedom. HOW it comes to you is not your concern. A better prayer would be, “I accept that GOD is my source. I know that all my financial needs and desires are met with ease and effortlessness. I acknowledge and live in the river of abundance and accept that I am financially supported in every way.” This does two things: 1. It opens up your eyes to the greater blessings that were there all along by getting rid of your restrictive directives as to how it’s supposed to arrive. And 2. It puts your mind and heart in a peaceful place of the acknowledgment of a much greater force at work. You begin to move with the flow of the universal energy rather than in spite of or against it.

I had a sit down with Kim last week for a little help with some prayerful words regarding a house I wanted to sell. That sounds easy enough but believe me, that house had tenants that refused to pay rent, guests who refused to leave, cars parked on the back property (with no keys) left behind by “friends” who traveled to Africa and Bali for a “month”…almost 2 years ago!! I was a little anxious about getting all of it together in time to sell. This was going to take weeks even if I could get the tenants out. Then came Kim’s words: “My intention is for my house to sell with ease and effortlessness to the perfect buyer at an abundant price for the highest good of all concerned.” Can I tell you something? The tenants moved out last week, cars are off the property, all the damage has been repaired and the house goes up for sale tomorrow in pristine condition. All of it in exactly ONE week. Unbelievable. No anxiety. No worry. Everything just fell in to place in record time. Thank you Kim for those prayerful words that aligned my energy with that of the universe, allowing me to ride the current rather than fight it. And words that opened my eyes to blessings that were already flowing in, without direct effort from me. AHHH…life is good. Now, go head. Tell me to stop and smell the roses!  Written By: Nia Peeples


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