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Welcome to the first New Year’s week “Industry Special” on the Bella Petite Hour (with host Ann Lauren).   We have a wonderful show lined up with two excellent guest to ring in 2011!

Top industry professionals will be joining us on this show to share their professional advice, personal stories and achievements on making it in the entertainment and fashion industry.

David Mondrus CEO of One Model Place

Networking on the internet is the wave of the future for models, talent and industry professionals.  One Model Place (OMP) is the oldest and largest internet networking community for models, actors, and industry professionals, started in 1997 on the internet.  OMP has over 200,000 registered members that are professionally screened in order to become a part of the network. This is not a website meant for entertainment purposes, but rather a destination in which to network with individuals you may want to work with.

If you are a petite model, petite actress, photographer, agent or casting director and industry professional providing services, than OMP may be for you.  Mondrus will share with us the benefits, opportunities, screening process and how they can be a tool to help build your career.  Plus, we will talk about internet scams and what OMP does to keep models safe from the dangers on the internet.

Part of the OMP family of websites is Fashion|One a cutting-edge, global television network, which focuses on the synergy between lifestyle, travel, entertainment, film and fashion. It is the only fashion channel currently producing programs in 3D and crystal clear High Definition. Fashion|One broadcasts 24/7 internationally across multiple platforms, including direct-to-home satellite television, cable television and new media such as IPTV and the web.  It features a unique selection of programming based on the themes of beauty, glamour, style and luxury. Fashion|One has an EPG that boasts over 20 program segments, covering all aspects of lifestyle, travel, entertainment, film and fashion.

Chloe Dao Fashion Designer of Chloe DAO Collection and Lot 8

A former winner of Project Runway season 2, petite Chloe Dao’s win caused a media frenzy, making her a household name overnight.  Judges Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia of Elle Magazine and special guest judge petite celebrity Debra Messing, praised her consistent display of technical skills, business savvy and creative talent.

Chloe Dao is a great American success story, migrating from Laos in 1979 with her family. Dao went onto to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology and openend her own boutique in Texas in 2000.

Then she earned a contestant spot on Bravo’s Project Runways Emmy nominated 2006 season 2 series.  After winning a $100,000 from the show to launch her line she has become a major contender in the world of fashion!  In January 2007, Dao’s designs were featured in the Smithsonian Museum.

Chloe believes that her designs are “never stamped with a year or a trend; good designs should never be.” Her “classic trendy” designs are always modern and up to date no matter what year you wear them.  In addition to the DAO Chloe DAO collection, her boutique carries a large selection of contemporary clothing and accessories lines from around the world.



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