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Ann Lauren Bella Petite M
Ann Lauren Real Estate Specialist. Bella Petite Magazine Copyright © 

Bella Petite Magazine editor-in-chief Ann Lauren is your newest Host of Luxury Lifestyle that will show you how to live beautifully! She will guide you with real solutions for you to live a healthy, harmonious, and luxurious lifestyle.  

Lauren has teamed up with the prestigious broker Keller Williams International and their amazing luxury real estate agent professionals to roll out LiveBeautifully.TV a luxury lifestyle media network that will feature luxury retailers’ high-end merchandise, and services, along with home design strategies, and beautiful homes.

Brand Ambassador Ann Lauren’s unique style armed with her trendsetting on-point message redefined the fashion standards! She pivoted the industry paradigm towards embracing women of all heights, body types, ethnicities, and ages.

The modern look of fashion has metamorphosized within our pages, transcending through Lauren and her team of talented media individuals through vision, while synergistically aligned with dozens of experts, producers, and writers’ voices.

Bella Petite Magazine’s contemporary ethos of fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle is specialized media created for the digital generation.

Our complex media offering will engage readers with dynamic content through a wide variety of formats. Along with Lauren’s expertise, they will enrich your personal lifestyle from head to toe while you luxuriate in your home.

In association with Keller Williams, Ms. Lauren will become a luxury lifestyle brand ambassador host for the soon-to-be-released network where you can expect to see amazing streaming videos, live events, reality programs, podcasts to graphical content, and holograms as we advance technologically into the future. We will showcase vanguard experts, agents, along with fabulous indoor and outdoor designers, and business professionals’ advice. Also, we will teach you how to earn significant returns on your real estate investments.

A Bella Petite lifestyle expert Ann Lauren is our in-house real estate professional that will help you find luxury goods, real estate investments, to selling your home. And she can direct you on buying
Her global network reach and fabulously talented professionals, indoor and outdoor designers, celebrity chefs, yogis, fashion, and beauty experts will give you a personal makeover, a wardrobe update creating and finding breathtaking spaces customized to help you live beautifully.

Ann Lauren is an innovator! She founded and created the first and only nationally televised shows and multimedia magazine in the world for petite models. Lauren captivated millions with her positive mantra “petite is beautiful” which caught on aggravating a global seismic movement! Lauren changed stereotypes and updated the old fashion standards to embrace all women.

After having lunch with Ms. Lauren, I have five words to describe her; exceptional, intelligent, innovator, trustworthy and inspiring! Lauren is authentic and beautiful, the complete package. She is a triple threat that exemplifies a unique blend of style, creativity, and business expertise to bring you real solutions and personal services that will help you prosper and find the perfect home.

Spanning the globe she will give you advice that will help you sell your home, locate and buy a new home, or how to turn your home into an income property anywhere in the world. She offers you intelligent and provident monetary solutions. Lauren can also show you how to get a significant rate of return on your real estate investments.

ann lauren real estate
Ann Lauren Real Estate Specialist. Bella Petite Magazine Copyright ©

Get started download Ann Lauren’s FREE APP today it can be used domestically and internationally.

Written by: Alexander Devilyn

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