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Cover-Layout-September-(Stephanie)-no-yearCongratulations to Bella Petite Cover Model Stephanie Nogueras! Nogueras is an extremely pro-active Bella Petite model. She absolutely connected with our readers by continually promoting and interacting with our readers on Facebook and blogging! As a spokesmodel she knows what must be done! Photographer: Stylist & photographer Laurentius Purnama


STEPHANIE NOGUERAS Hello everybody, I am 21 year old American of Puerto Rican descent. I am truly proud of being Deaf and using American Sign Language.

BP: You have excellent communications skills and throughout our process working with you we did not know you were deaf, until you had told us. Have you always been deaf?

Stephanie: Yes, I have been deaf since birth.

BP: Are you a deaf spokesmodel or advocate for any organizations?

Stephanie: Well, I am trying to be a spokesmodel advocate for deaf communities and schools. Right now, I am working on fundraising for the ESD (school for the deaf in Puerto Rico).

BP: In your experience do you feel being deaf is an impediment for a model?

In the beginning, I was afraid to tell photographers that I am deaf because of rejection that’s what I truly afraid of. In my entire life, I always have to go through rejection and discriminated over my deafness. It makes me realize there is no excuse for photographer to say no to my  face. There is definitely nothing wrong with me. They have to accept me for who I am. It is time to prove them to show what I can do. That’s not hard for photographers to communicate with me. That’s not complex. Right now, I am not afraid of being rejected anymore because I know it is photographers’ loss to not have me as a model.

BP: As a model do you ever feel discriminated against due to your deafness and has it been more difficult for you to book jobs?

Stephanie: Yes, honestly I do feel discriminated against my deafness sometime but it is not difficult to book jobs. I tend to explain my deafness so the photographers or someone will understand it more and be comforted with my deafness. You know I believe it is my role model to teach people to understand deafness better. The better, will be easier to work together.

BP: Are you in college and tell us what is your major?

Stephanie: Yes, a third -year student and psychology.

BP: What is a day-in-life like for Stephanie?

Stephanie: Daily afternoon, I go to class and pay attention closely to the interpreter during what professor lectures about. I often take notes in case my note-taker might miss important information. After class, I tend to chat with friends for a while. Every night, I stop by cafe store or market to buy some food then go to home. I cook dinner and then do my homework. I am pretty serious student to finish tasks for school and important duties. And then I use my laptop pretty a lot to rely on my updated notes from note takers, emails from teachers, Facebook to communicate with friends and family. Lastly, I always relax and enjoy my nights to focus on myself to find what I want to finish my goals. Ex. Working on fund raising for the school & my organization.

BP: Are you dating or are you single?

Stephanie: Yes, I have been dating my amazing boyfriend for almost 3 years.

BP: Do you feel “men prefer petite” or amazon women?

Stephanie: I believe men prefer women with great personalities, that’s all matters. However for this question, petite, I mean come on…do men really prefer women who are taller than them? lol

BP: How do you feel about the industry height standard 5’9” plus?

Stephanie: Honestly, the industry height standard 5’9 plus is pretty ridiculous, totally not fair. Since there are majority of petite women in America. Something is not yeah.

BP: Do you like to be associated as being a petite woman?

Stephanie: Yes, I definitely want to be associated as being petite! The reason, the truth is better and make petites look good next time.

BP: What is your (non-model) true height for the record? Do you ever exaggerate your real height?  If yes, or no, why…….?  (Black and White Photo below: Photographer Tom Newton)

Stephanie: Funny, my sister is always making fun of my height. By the way she is younger and taller than me. She truly believe I am 4’11! I was told I am 5’1 by doctor and a lady measured me at the runway for audition. Well if its actually 4’11, hey I still look good! I do not really ever exaggerate my real height. I am still petite! That’s all that matters. 🙂

BP: Do you feel that society has adopted the image of the “tall woman” as the look of beauty and fashion?

Stephanie: Yes, I believe so, unfortunately. I have seen a lot of girls who complains and want to be taller. They actually believe taller women are attractive and better. It is sad.

BP: Do you feel that petite models are perceived to be less beautiful than amazon models?

Stephanie: No, absolutely not! I do not ever feel that way. I truly believe all models ( sizes and colors) are beautiful inside and outside!

BP: Why did you want to become a petite model when the industry odds are stacked against you?

Stephanie: Well, what can I say? I am a risk taker. I am tired of seeing “amazon” models all the time on runway, in print and everywhere. Petite women are left out. Somehow I got strength and felt it is time to step up to become a petite model. I believe its best shot to change the industry and inspire petite women.

BP: What type of petite modeling have you done and please include what “Brand” campaigns you have appeared in.

Stephanie: Mostly, I have done hair modeling and face modeling for Laurentius Salon. Brands campaigns, I am on my way!

BP: How difficult would you say it is to get work as a petite model and please elaborate on the main frustrations you experience?

Stephanie: Yes, it is difficult to get work as a petite model because of height. For example, I am trying to appear for brand campaigns and get in good agencies. More various modeling I want to like fashion, prints and go on. It is really frustrating for me. All they want is above 5’8 mostly.

BP: Do you feel the need to be more vocal, boisterous, personality-driven, since you’re considered to be under the industry standard height?

Stephanie: Actually, I believe it is important to have a great personality that stands out which is attractive. Good attitude. Hard working. Beautiful inside and outside. That is a good model for under the standard height.

BP: Do the current fashion magazines appeal to you the petite woman and if (yes or no) why?

Stephanie: Most fashion magazines do not appeal to “petite” women because it does not have a big purpose to inspire us that much.

BP: As a petite model what are you doing to help make petite women fashion recognizable for the industry standards to include petites?

Stephanie: Being a petite model, there are so much I want to help petite women fashion recognizable to see the fashion industry standards change to include petites. To spread the word to the fashion communities, to create petite fashion runway to get attention and raise awareness, read articles on the Bella Petite website, and get petite celebrity petites to get involved with us all!

BP: Why is Bella Petite Magazine important to you the petite female consumer?

Stephanie: Bella Petite Magazine is extremely cherish and important because I know its really mean a lot to me and every petite woman. This is only fashion magazine for petite women, that’s is clearly important to us! It is only a big key to success to change the fashion industry standards for great causes. To make it happen of what we hope for. We have to follow our dreams to make a movement everywhere for petite women. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe in hope, there will be many achievements to come!

Photographer & Stylist LaurentiusLaurentius Salon


“When I saw the preview issue of Bella Petite magazine I did not expect to see so many interesting articles to read. It opened my eyes wide and I wanted to read the articles right away!  There are a lot of inspiring petite models in the magazine!  It was amazing  to see petite models exclusively in the fashion editorials, finally this can be a reality! It is exciting to bring confidence to petite female readers.  The positive gorgeous images of the petite models was uplifting to see in a fashion magazine.

I was overwhelmed to see this beautiful magazine.  I know it will breakdown the fashion industry barriers in our way!

It is truly a great opportunity to be part of Bella Petite. We are role models representing the majority of women in this country.  We are their hope in their hearts. Petite women are steadfastly waiting to see the fashion standards change.  To see that change we must unite petite women to subscribe at Bella

Thanks to Bella Petite Magazine we will break fashion oppression and push the petite women’s fashion agenda forward.  It is truly wonderful to part of this inspirational movement with everyone!”

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  1. Thanks to Bella petite you guys have inspired me to still go out for my dream which is to become a high fashion model ! With this movement you have taught me anything is possible if you have hope and strength<3 Thank you

  2. You give me great hope! I am deaf and seeing you have no barriers is helpful for me to live my dreams. Your Bella Petite covers are my favorite and Bella Petite is a great leader in fashion and entertainment for petite women and all the work they do to promote us and our cause for deaf people’s equality brava! I hope to see more about you on Bella and want to know what is next for you? I would like to be a representative for petite deaf models too 😉 Wonderful interview Bella!!!

  3. OMG breathtaking cover girl! Bella Petite is my favorite magazine I love the covers and stories and models make dreams come true! Stephanie you have amazing story and your words are so inspiring! I would like to read more about you and how I can become a petite model and actress like you!

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