2010 Beauty, Skincare and Hair, Expert Advice! “Bella Petite Hour Radio Show”

On January 19th, the Bella Petite Hour (with host Ann Lauren) will feature Bella Petite’s resident beauty expert, Shonda Chase, RN.

Shonda Chase, a registered nurse and owner of Revive Salon and Spa and Wellness Center in Palm Springs, CA, will be discussing anti-aging skincare techniques, the latest beauty news, the best products to take care of your skin, and proper makeup application techniques.


Shonda will talk with us about how to achieve our best look by providing a few general rules on application techniques and makeup trends to follow, such as everyday make-up and how to find the right balance between too much and not enough makeup.  We will discuss pageant makeup and the differences between fashion model makeup verses television “stage” makeup.  Also, we will discuss the importance of keeping your look current without falling into a rut, and why blue shadow should not be worn, especially if you’re over 18.


Plus, we are going to talk about 2010 hair trends.  Will we see a reemergence of the “bob” or “Jersey Shore” big hair?  What are the best hair styles for petite women (long hair, big hair, short hair)?  How do different facial structures (round, square, oval, heart shaped) figure into your hairstyle choices?  What is the best way to determine your face shape and what questions should you ask your stylist?  What are the appropriate hairstyles for your age and how much does your hair affect your perceived age?


Rounding out the show’s discussion, we will tackle the tough decisions regarding how to choose the best hair color and address the role of skin tone in hair color choices.  What should your stylist do during your consultation in order for you to make an informed decision about hair color?  When (or if) there is a right time to go with extreme hair color?  We will find out!

The Bella Petite Hour

Next Tuesday, December 20th at 10:00 am PST or 1:00 pm EDT, LIVE on AmericasWebRadio.com we will feature Bella Petite’s beauty insider Shonda Chase to learn how you can look like a star by achieving your best hair and makeup looks.  Together we’ll discuss beauty industry insights, provide informative techniques, review 2010 beauty trends, give you excellent advice and more! We’ll answer all your questions about what’s in and what’s out this year.  If you have any questions or comments for our guest, please leave them here and we will discuss them on the show.

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