Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, or Is It?

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BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP OR IS IT…Bella Petite Magazine Beauty

It is said by some that beauty is only skin deep. This, however, was found to be not true. True beauty begins on the inside. It begins with what you put inside your body.

The life of a model is very active. On mornings of photoshoots or casting calls, it is important to be energized, awake, and, of course, looking your best.

Models also need to stay energized and hydrated throughout the day. Some shoots can be very early in the morning, which means waking up even earlier for travel time and hair and makeup.

Choosing to eat fruits and vegetables over processed or cooked foods in the morning reduces the raw-foodsuse of extra energy your body uses to digest your meals, leaving you with more energy and stamina for physical activity and whatever you need or want to do (like a rock that killer pose you’ve been practicing all week)!

On days when models are not working, it is still essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is important in order to stay fit and keep your body strong. To keep your body in top shape and get the most out of your workouts, you should be fueling your body with the right food. Free to Bella Petite Modelssubscribe to Bella Petite Magazine!

The overall benefit of eating raw food is overwhelming! By eating raw food it isn’t just beneficial to those who are always on the go and who need to stay in perfect shape, it is beneficial to anyone who wants better health, appearance, and mood!

First, let’s look at how eating raw allows you to receive the maximum amount of nutrition from your food. A raw Bella Petite Modelsfood diet is simply returning to food in its natural state, the type of food that we were meant to eat.

When you eat, the nutrients from raw foods are delivered through the bloodstream to the cells, resulting in cleaner blood and healthier cells. Essentially, raw foods are easy to digest, and the body is free to use that extra energy to heal and cleanse the cells and body.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, clear up your skin, help ease your arthritis, or just become a healthier person in general, raw foods’ benefits are undeniable. Free to subscribe to Bella Petite Magazine!

Bella Petite Models Raw foods-loose weight-diet One of the many reasons people begin a raw food diet is to slim down. Maybe you have been hitting the gym and you are looking for that little push to drop those last few pounds, or maybe you are stuck at work all day without a way to exercise and you are trying to avoid adding on extra holiday weight.

Whatever the case, a raw foods diet can be a great way to complement an exercise routine for weight loss. The more you fuel your body with nutrients, the more waste it gets rid of and the more efficient it becomes. [Speaking of “waste”, elimination is something that often gets overlooked and can be a key in managing a healthy diet. Most people think it is normal to get rid of “waste” once a day. How many times do you eat or snack a day? Where do you think all the rest of those meals are being stored? Raw food speeds up the process of eliminating waste.]

In addition to weight loss, the benefit of eating raw is increasing your mental health. As your cells become healthier, you will feel your memory sharpen and your concentration improves. A raw diet may also give you peace of mind knowing that your body is functioning at its absolute best and highest potential. Free to subscribe to Bella Petite Magazine!

Choose Raw Foods over processedAnother added advantage to eating raw is the beauty benefits.

In fact, many women do not start eating raw for their health, but instead for their beauty.

With all of your cells running on maximum nutrition, you will notice that your eyes will appear brighter, hair shinier, and nails stronger.

Another thing people notice is a reduction of puffiness in their skin. Puffy skin can be caused by things Bella-Petite-Model-Heidi-Eignebergerlike fluid retention, sick tissues, and fat.

The return of cells to a younger, healthier state will eliminate that puffiness and you will be able to see things like the bones in your face and the shape it is supposed to be. Free to subscribe to Bella Petite Magazine!

One of the most favorable benefits of a raw diet is glowing, radiant skin. Having healthy skin cells results in your skin is softer, more firm, and your pores becoming finer. With an all raw diet, you will look younger, brighter, and more positive. You will simply look better!

*I am not a medical professional. Ask your doctor before starting any diet or exercise regimes.

Written by: Bella Petite Model Heidi Eigenberger

Ann Lauren Bella Petite Models

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