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Back To College; Storey inspired by Alvin Ailey

Going off to college can be one of the most frighting experiences anyone can face, meeting new friends, moving into a new dorm, or just being on your own can be challenging for any college student. As students prepare for a new chapter in their life and the possibility of a fabulous future, at times it can be daunting.

Taylor Storey (5’5″) is nineteen, she attends Florida State University, a dance major in her second year, says, “it has been a ride of a lifetime.” Her secret for college success is to be proactive and set goals. This summer Storey looked into the intensive programs offered at her school, and immediately applied to Alvin Ailey in New York City. She was offered to audition, fortunately out of hundreds of participants, Storey was invited to join Alvin Ailey in their summer program. These are just some of the things that colleges can offer, therefore, if you are proactive and keep your eyes and ears open, these programs will inspire, as well as add another dimension to your experience in school.

If you are a student in the big city you need to make a budget that works, especially with the rising cost of tuition. Storey recommends that you cook in your dorm, or have a meal plan provided by the school. She learned how to cook for herself during her trip to New York City.

On making new friends, Storey finds that it is easier to make friends in college, since you can find people that are like minded. Storey does not worry about the parties off or on campus. However, her small group of dance friends usually gathers in a dorm and talk about everything, while having fun without all the craziness some parties may bring. Although some students may face their fears when entering, or returning to school, colleges can provide students with a lifetime of memories and opportunities.

Furthermore, going to college helps many become intellectual and socially apt. For students that are returning to college, take note that colleges today are providing students with many services, such as child care for those students who are parents and would like to continue their education and we think continuing education is absolutely key to experiencing a good life! Written by: Bobbi O

Taylor Storey

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