Green Carpet Charity Ball Eco Fashion Show Gala

If you’re reading this article on Bella Petite’s website, chances are you are a petite woman. The intention of Bella Petite, as created by Ann Lauren, has always been to create equality amongst women in the modeling and fashion industry, regardless of height. The discrimination toward petite models in the industry, especially in regards to runway and fashion modeling, is most often brushed under the table.

It is an issue similar to the racial discrimination of the early part of the 20th century, that will inevitably be brought to the light on a societal level and the proper actions will take place to allow the equality to be restored. ”Free to subscribe to Bella Petite!

Until then, however, we are still facing the double standards and prejudice in the United States of America. Clothing companies based in the USA and Europe create their clothing to be worn on the runway by women over 5’9’’ which is less than 5% of the actual female population. So the disparity is not working for anyone, not the designers or the manufacturers, as they create the clothing based upon this archaeic model and the majority of female consumers are 5’5’’ and under.

This summer I decided to do what I could to make a difference, even if only in a small and local way. In partnership with my friends from Brazil, the designers of the gorgeous fashion line called Ecohar, I dedicated my entire Summer to creating, organizing and promoting the 1st Annual Green Carpet Charity Eco Fashion Show Gala.

So, what is a Green Carpet you may ask? Most people have heard of Red Carpet, but Green Carpet refers to eco fashion or an event with an environmental intention or purpose behind it.

The clothing line we chose is created from all up-cycled material. That means the fabric, beads and all material it is created from was at time a different piece of clothing. By reusing the material, this is infinitely better for the environment and saves space in landfills. This is in alignment with the Brad Pitt endorsed Cradle to Cradle initiative, which a client of mine is spearheading. It is also made by hand by women in prisons and battered women’s shelters in Brazil. The entire line is so gorgeous and wearable, and the best part is, it was made by a petite designer, with petite women in mind!

I was blessed to be introduced to a master fashion show director, Jeffrey Lubin, who stepped in and orchestrated the show as a charity project, since he usually creates the largest fashion shows in Miami. This was a huge blessing and gift. The models were a mix of petite and glamazon models, Jeffrey did a casting for the models and I brought several of my own petite models.

The Ecohar line fit amazing on all of the models in the show and everyone loved the event. Since it was a brazillian line, the clothing line ran small and exotic. Some people said it was the best event they have ever been to. (I also featured 3 of the most amazing talented singers on the East Coast, including X Factor participant Kendra Williams and hosted it at the gorgeous waterfront Yoga Mansion I rented for the 30 Day Yoga Transformation Training in Miami Beach).

In the end, I would say it was a huge success. We took a big step toward creating a green movement down here in Miami Beach and gave petite models the runway, perhaps for the first time in history! ”Free to subscribe to Bella Petite!

I know sometimes it feels like change is slow, but I see it is coming and it is happening already. You now have Bella Petite Magazine and they are putting you on the fashion map and paving the way for petite models in the fashion world!

My focus is on raising consciousness across the board, regarding everything from the environment, health, healing, humanatarian issues and everything in between. I do that through the teaching of yoga, meditation and conscious awareness practices. We are all in this together. Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world. Namaste, Dashama

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