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ann lauren african dolls clothing petite models

Bella Petite Magazine Brand Ambassador and Editor Ann Lauren ® biography and credits on IMDb

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Bella Petite’s perception of beauty is a born hybrid of the beholder meant for her, to revolutionize the appearance of the modern era’s fourth into the fifth industrial fashion ethos, by celebrating our diversity.

Our vision uplifts women with positive non-discriminatory and nonstereotypical media-centric streaming imagery. Unlike all of the other fashion magazines around the world that don’t, won’t, and haven’t done yet.

annlauren dolls clothing models
Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright© 

Currently, all registered Bella Petite Model members have opportunity to win covers, editorials and become a model for Ann Lauren clothing’s catalog and runway shows.


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Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright© 

Ann Lauren’s leadership in petite model and fashion advocacy and ethnic diversity defines who she is and what her brands represent for our generation and generations future. Ann Lauren fashion is our generation’s look, and it looks great on you! Lauren’s dedicated petite-centric fashion-forward authentic approach broke down stereotypes and discrimination by building runways for us. Through my experience of being a petite model who won Ann Lauren’s nationally televised USA Petite Model Show, she is God’s gift to women. I am proud to know her and I admire her.

Together with millions of USA Petites© and Bella Petites© members worldwide united we are unstoppable!

Support our efforts with a Bella Petite Collectible tee get it today! Bella Petite Magazine is Fashion, Entertainment, and Lifestyle for Women. “Petite is fit, curvy, and plus-sized at 5’7″ and under.”

Written by: Paulette Szymoniak

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Bella Petite Model Members may WIN photoshoots in California, magazine covers, model profiles, fashion spreads, Ann Lauren Clothing Catalog model, editorials, and tear sheets for your portfolio, model promotions, and sponsored cash and prizes!

There are many opportunities to enhance your modeling career as a Bella Petite Model Member.

Unlimited photo submissions all year anytime! Get a free Bella Petite Model tee-shirt and model evaluation with your registration. Enter your petite model submissions today.

Petite Models become a registered member of the ONLY MODEL SEARCH in the world for petite women 5’7″ and shorter!

ann lauren african dolls clothing petite models
Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright© 

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