Ann Lauren Call On Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show To STOP HEIGHT DISCRIMINATION


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BELLA PETITE QUESTION: How many petite women buy clothing, lingerie and swimsuits from Victoria’s Secret?

After our discussions with Victoria’s Secret executives, it’s clear they know their consumer, and that consumer is most often the petite woman. Not the “glamamazon,” not full-figured, but undeniably she is petite in stature.

VS have done their due diligence to provide accurate sizing for petite women. In fact, their designers primarily use petite fit models.

FACT: Victoria’s Secret will not use petite models in their catalogs or in their precious fashion shows! Victoria’s Secret knows their market is majority petite, yet they blatantly discriminate against the petite look!

WHY? VSC chooses to wholeheartedly support the Industry standards!

FERGIE 2009 Victoria's Secret Show

We contend that the standards only apply if the retailer and consumers go along with it. Designers and advertisers are not forced to uphold the 5’9″-plus modeling discrimination that perpetuates the stereotype they choose too.


We are here to tell petite ladies that you must let the industry know how you feel about the blatant discrimination of petites. The best way to do this is to request petite models who represent our look. Haven’t we learned anything from our glamazon and full-figured counterparts? These ladies have kicked and screamed, joined petitions, and organizations that fight themselves! You can do the same here at Bella Petite. The full figured women’s market actually has real working overweight models that range in sizes 12-18.

The petite women’s market does not have models that are shorter than 5’6″ (thin, fit, curvy or full figured) representing them.

Fergie allure

Simply stated, it’s time to make the industry take notice of the petite women’s market. We have all the buying power and that’s what counts. Retailers want to sell their clothing, products, and services to petite women. We don’t want to see stick-thin amazon models wearing clothing and lingerie designed for us because we all know it doesn’t look the same on our frame.

These deceptive marketing practices suck us in and are engineered so we feel inadequate and buy their wares because they will bring us closer to achieving their “ideal image.” It’s insulting and we need to get serious about change!

No way! The fact is retailer’s want petite women to keep spending and supporting their companies, all while they discriminate and insult the petite woman’s image. Watching “America’s Next Top Model” and “Victoria’s Secret fashion show and Model Search” we petites have had enough!


It’s time to take a stand and fight for our fashion rights. It’s time petite women become FASHION RECOGNIZABLE. It’s time the industry caters to our demands. After all, the entertainment industry is majority petite.

The best part of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show was Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas. At least, 5’1″ Fergie rocked the runway with real curves a sexy body, hips, and breast no need for a pump up bra here. She’s got it all, what a breath of fresh air! In my opinion, her body put the glamazon stick thin models to shame.

It’s kind of joke the VSC models have to wear “pump-up bras” to increase their non-existent breasts by two+ bra sizes, so when they take their clothes off their man has been deceived, along with the rest of us! Petite women’s faces match their beauty and our bodies often outshine glamazons, but we aren’t used on the runway in print only because we are petite?!


Victoria’s Secret of all retailers should respect and embrace the ideology that women come in all shapes and sizes, not ‘only’ tall and thin, but they don’t. There Angels Model Search is vehemently anti petite and plus size women. What a shame!


The full-figured ladies know how it’s done. Petite ladies take note: if you want to see the industry standards include petite models and more petite retailers, join Bella Petite now and become an advocate for change.

We need millions of petite women to unite here on Bella Petite and get involved to help force a paradigm shift in the fashion world.

VSC Angels
Victoria Secret Angels Model Search for women 5’9″ and taller.


47 thoughts on “Ann Lauren Call On Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show To STOP HEIGHT DISCRIMINATION”

  1. I hate watching these shows just a bunch of gangly no bodied women! For real petite models are better. Look at playboy magazine most of the centerfolds are petite I know, my boyfriends gets the mag. The tall women don't have good proportions. Great points you make! I'm joining bella petite! I want to see petite women rule fashion!

    1. Sign me up, too! I have long wanted to be into modeling and I know I have the body and face for it but too often they have overlooked me because I, too, am petite. Mostly 5’0 but I am now 5’1. I think it is sad when so many of us are small and like we want to see how it would look on some giant, no, we want to know how it would look on someone our size. Why can’t more people begin to see us for who we are and not our size. We are just as beautiful!!! I will definitely join this “Just Cause”, about time someone looks out for us!!!! 🙂

  2. This is so true petite women need to join this site that advocates our look! The retailers will get the message when they see millions of women want this to happen. Really great article!

  3. Best advice ever to petite women! I get what I got to do! I'm in with Bella Petite forever! I love you guys this site is dope!

    1. But Jackie, just because you may be smaller than someone, does not mean that you are any less gorgeous than someone who is taller. You are perfect just the way you are.

      1. Everyone is gorgeous, but petite girls are NEVER chosen, so they feel hurt when rejected by modelling agencies. What does height really do? Does height help save poor kids with no food or education? No, so any modelling agency should welcome petite girls with open arms. Devon Aoki is 5’3 to 5’5 and helped change that too, but there’s shorter girls who want the chance. If VS is concerned the pattern may look odd on the runway, they should bring shorter models first and taller ones last.

  4. So glad I found this website now that I'm a member what can I do to help further the petite cause. We can't let the full figured women have a greater identity in the fashion world than petite women.

  5. Im so glad websites like this exsits, IT WAS ABOUT TIME!!! petite women look better. They are more proportioned and look more feminen than taller ones. well at least thats what all my guyfriends say and think. Im gald I joined in.

  6. Ladies stand up and fight for the petite movement! I am tried of seeing women who do not represent my figure. Everyone join Bella Petite. I DID!! Keep up the good work Ann Lauren we are with you all the way.

  7. I am all for petite models, after all I'm petite myself! I support models of ALL shapes and sizes and I believe they all have a place in the industry. However, when I say all, I mean ALL. I do not just support people who are my size and shape. I may be petite but I am also very skinny and not remotely curvy. What is wrong with a push-up bra? We skinny girls wear them to look more like YOU girls who are born with beautiful curvy bodies! Given the choice between a short curvier girl and a tall thin girl which do you think a guy would choose? The curvy girl of course, It is biologically imprinted into their brains. You say they discriminate against short girls and curvy girls but are you not doing just that to tall girls and thin girls? Size and shape are something you are born into, not something anyone has any control over, be they short, tall, skinny, or curvy. It is true that tall thin women have been the "it" girls for some time now, but we are each individual people! Just because A tall or thin girl has been a model doesn't mean every tall or thin girl who has a dream to be one has had the chance. I truly believe that rather than thin, the new standard should be healthy. And what about average girls? Does everyone have to be either tall or petite? The industries general height requirement is around 5'8" and to be petite you say 5'5" so what about those 5'6" and 5'7" girls? Also, have you noticed that in magazines instead of having thin as a body type, skinny girls who are not tall or athletic are called "boyish." Am I less of a Woman because I wear an A-cup?

    1. You missed the articles point we don’t care about bra size. Our point in that remark was petite women have better curves for lingerie. Bella Petite is all about advocating the petite woman’s look. The 5’5″ and under woman that’s petite fit, thin, curvy and full figured the woman the fashion industry discriminates against. Keep in mind 70% of all women are 5’5″ and under, the average size woman is 5’3″, and 3% of women are 5’9″ plus. The only fashion models we see in fashion magazine are usually 5’9″ plus industry standard models, with a few exceptions of 5’6″-5’8″ models. Now we petites are expected to even accept 5’9″ full figured models, again petites are not represented in any fashion magazines. Bella Petite will not provide any addition positive focus and representation of tall women whether (fit, thin, curvy or full figured), she’s an illusion.

      Bella Petite’s mission is to break down the fashion standards not embrace the status quo. We absolutely are taking on the fashion standards and are here to gain petite women their fair share of the market place. We want HEIGHT discrimination to stop. We don’t feel sorry for amazon thin or full figured models. I think you don’t completely understand Bella Petite’s purpose and mission.

      All of the current fashion magazine’s ignore petite models all together, we could care less about the amazon models fit, anorexic, cuvry or full figured, we’re tired of their look being synonomous with fashion and beauty. We will never support women over 5’6″ plus because they’re not petite. Sorry to say the industry considers 5’6″- 5’7″ no mans land it’s neither petite or tall, not our market focus at Bella Petite. Interesting point, a girl that’s 5’6″-5’8″ has a better chance to gain modeling work over the petite model. Our niche market is to focus only on the petite fashion market at 5’5″ and under, because she’s been overlooked, treated as irrelevant and totally discriminated against in the consumer fashion and beauty market!

      I’m 5’2″ and 100 lbs. As a working petite model, producer, radio personality, web community developer and magazine publisher, I clearly understand the petite woman consumer market. I will continue to advocate for petite models to TEAR down the standards and celebrate real PETITE women and accept all body types, shapes and sizes!

      1. You are my hero!!! I am 5'5 and have always dreamt of being a model, especially for Victorias Secret. I know its nearly impossible to be seen as anything other than a height requirement and its so aggrivating to be put down due to your height especially when the people buying these products being modeled are most likely under that height requirement. You are giving me more modivation and hope than anyone has ever given me to pursue my dreams. I want to change the industry and become a new face and new size to the fashion industry and i am willing to do what it takes to get there. I will definately share the news on your goal and hope to one day grace the cover of a beautifully printed issue of BELLA PETITE! =]

        –Maggie P.

      2. Ok, so I like your cause and everything but when you say that you want to stop height discrimination you contradict yourself by saying that a person that is 5’6″-5’7″ isn’t eligible for your magazine ..why does it only have to be a petite person why can’t it be people that are 5’0″-5’7″? if you really want to stop height discrimination as you claim in your article then women that are 5’6″-5’7″should also be eligible to be in your magazine if that is not the case you probably should rethink your slogan of “Stop Height Discrimination” it’s just really harsh for you to say that you will NEVER support women 5’6″ or 5’7″ just because it’s not considered petite, if anything it makes you like all the industries that are out there that only accept women that are 5’8″ and above.

        1. Hi Vanessa, we highly doubt you have read many of our articles regarding, petite models, middle height models, and Glamazons. Otherwise, you would know that the majority of clothes that fit petite models will not likely fit, middle height models. Also, as we know there are many well know middle height models, for example, 5’6″ Kate Moss that are working professional models on the runway and in print. Middle height models are signed by modeling agencies. They can obtain modeling opportunities whereas petite models do not have the same opportunities and representation.

          Both middle height and tall models (glamazons) are not experiencing any height discrimination by the fashion and beauty industry, like petite and plus size models experience. Keep in mind that the title of our multimedia magazine is “Bella Petite,” we support a fashion initiative for petite women. We are striving to bring real recognition, modeling opportunities and a positive image to the media for petite women.

          What you are suggesting is that we dilute our brand, abandon our trademark and compromise our legitimate fashion initiative and magazine’s company mission, which we can not do. May I suggest that you take a look at the “All Walks Beyond the Catwalk” campaign, and you will note they support models who are 5’6″ and taller. They intentionally left out petite models in their fashion initiative, to quote them “they felt the fashion and modeling industry will not be accepting of our height (5’5″ and shorter) anytime soon. And the industry will continue to inflict height discrimination practices.” Thanks for your commentary. Have a great week!

    2. i completely agree with u! i am in the EXACT same boat as you! i am no less less a woman because I’m 5’2, slim and an A cup just like you! “boyish” is discriminatory. thats like calling a smaller petite man “girlish”. it all hurts the same. and i think petite models are going to make a break some time soon here. iv started modeling some. im 17 and i want to rock the fashion world. tall amazon models are good too, i have friends with bodies like that, but that type of girl modeling clothing for vs and even other retailers is an outrage. iv tryed getting things from vs. it always ends up with the sweat pants being too long. the shirts and bras being too big. personally i feel their push up bras DO NOT cater to people with smaller boobs. iv tryed them and i just gap the whole tiime. its sad. i dont get to wear the pretty bras like everyone else. this i want to change. special bras that push up in different ways for a smaller chested petite woman needs to be made by them if their actually catering to the petite consumer. i plan to change all of this. look out for me. im gonna rock our world =)

  8. I do understand what this website is about, promoting petite models. I completely support that goal, being 5'6" I am much shorter than the average model, despite not technically qualifying as a petite model. What I do not understand is how tall women are illusions? I agree with and support your goal, I just do not think the way to reach it is by putting down tall girls, but rather by promoting petites, whether you support them or not. I realize the majority of this website does just that, which I respect, this article however did not focus on the positives of petites as much as the negatives of "amazons." And, I would like to point out that anorexia is a disorder, not a body type, and that it is not necessarily synonymous with thin.
    But again, I appreciate your support of shorter models and truly hope you succeed. Petite women deserve the opportunity and acceptance tall models everywhere receive. Thank you so much for replying to my comment!

    1. Tall women are illusions look around you. Only 3% of women are 5'9" plus. The fashion and beauty industry constantly promotes this look for shock value. I have substantial experience in the business. I've interviewed many industry professionals from clothing designers, producers, industry standard models, petite models, fashion photographers, and business women. We all concur about tall women being an "illusion." Tall women are not representative of the world population. This is a fallacy perpetrated by clothing designers, photographers and fashion magazines…In respect to calling tall women "amazons," I can come up with a 1000 far worse derogatory terms the fashion and beauty industry uses when describing "petite" women! I'm sure the "amazons" of the world get it. We are tired of their image being idealized as the look of beauty. It's time the retailers and fashion industry takes note. It's time they give petite women positive recognition, as opposed to all the glory going to the "amazons," a la Victoria Secret Fashion Show. As referenced in the article, the positive petite aspect of that fashion show was fact they featured the talented singer 5'1" Fergie. What I am sure of, is I don't need a lesson in how to promote the petite market. As I see it, I've stepped it up and attempted to make petite women a force to be reckoned with…Thank you for your comments and questions. Keep them coming!

      1. I am 6′ barefoot and you know what? I have the HARDEST time shopping for clothes because everything is designed for smaller woman. I despise shopping because I honestly feel like a freak because I’m so tall in comparison. Yes, tall girls may be the more popular models, but at least you ladies can find long sleeve shirts that won’t turn 3/4 sleeve once you put them on, “long” jeans turned capris, shoes in your size, or men (who seem to be getting shorter) you don’t intimidate because you’re 3+ inches taller. And I’m sorry, but being tall, I will tell you that tall women are NOT illusions. We exist and sometimes it is harder living tall in a short world than just fitting in. I don’t entirely agree with modeling since it’s itemizing and idolizing women but good for those tall girls who are confident enough to do so. I’m not saying shorter ladies couldn’t but tall people are rare in comparison. And women should never be compared to one another because there is not a single person out there that is the same. We are created differently and should all respect one another and be respected.

  9. I agree with this so much… i am petite, i am only 5'1 and i wear a size 0 and i am really pretty BUT because i am not 5'7 or over it is really hard to get signed to a modeling agency… when in reality woman that are short and pretty can actually walk down the runway A million times better then the supermodels they have today, for example "Kate Moss" is short but she is not that pretty… Its a shame how they discriminate against short models, when the majority of woman are under the height of 5'7 !!

  10. I’m a tall woman [5’10”; I’m 17 Years old as well, haven’t finished growing yet…]; — to label me and other tall women disproportionate and ‘gangly’ [I think I read that somewhere in the comments] is just as discriminating as the articles focus on the lack of petite models. To point directly at Victoria Secret’s is somewhat unjust… you merely have to do a quick search on google to find brands that use petite models and support the petite figure. There are several reasons behind using tall models, and it isn’t purposely to discriminate other women in any way [It’s like suggesting that the designers sit there directing a hate campaign against petite figures, and that’s not the case at all] – think of all the landmarks, such as the Eiffel tower they are tall. You can see them for miles all around, and they stand out. A model in the eye of the designer is supposed to be a walking sculpture. They naturally need to be tall and thin to elongate the clothes by the designers.

    I know this is a support site for women with petite figures [and frankly I’m here via a link on face book about three years late!] but no matter what you look like, you’re beautiful and unique no matter what figure you have or how tall you are.

  11. You seem to mention full-figured ladies and petite ladies as two different entities. What about shorter women with fuller figures? For example, I’m 5’2 with a DD cup size. I’m not a size zero, more like somewhere between 4 and 8 depending on the brand (yes, the range is that wide). Are you including people like me in this, too? Or is it just for short women with size zero figures?

    Also, I don’t think it’s fair to say “The full figured women’s market actually has real working overweight models.” They aren’t necessarily overweight; they just weigh more than the uber-skinny Victoria’s secret models.

    1. Hello Maya, in every post we clearly say; “Bella Petite Magazine is Fashion, Entertainment and Lifestyle for Women 5’5″ Tall & under. ”Petite is fit and full figured.” We have explained, that “petite means stature” (height) and not body weight. Many of our Bella Petite models are curvy and shapely women. Thank you for reading Bella Petite!

  12. i’m 6 foot, weigh 130 pounds and i’m still growing. i’ll probably be 6 foot 1 or 2 yet modeling agencies won’t take me because i’m too tall. my sister is 5 foot 7 and a half and isn’t growing any taller and no agencies will take her either. i know neither of us are petite but we would really like to model yet we just don’t fit into 5 foot 8 – 5 foot 11 range

    1. Karlie Kloss is 6’2 and is a Victoria’s Secret model. You can be 6’2 and be a model. The maximum I think for girls is 6’3 or 6’4.

  13. Although I agree about the Fight Height discrimination part, because i’m a 5’1 myself, but I dont like how you say stuff like real women have curves. I’m naturally skinny. So I guess that means i’m not a real woman then. Stop making naturally skinny girls look bad. And no matter what size, skin color, height you are, you’re beautiful.
    K feel free to hate on me.

    1. Hi Ravenna, you must have misread what was written here. We did not state at all anywhere in this article that ‘real women have curves’. I encourage you to reread the article to better understand its context. Furthermore, we state repeatedly that “Petite is thin, fit, curvy and full figured’. Thanks for your comment. Have a good day!

  14. I agree petite is just as pretty if proportions are right. I think the thin models are beautiful. Plus size modeling is like advertising cigarettes as glamorous. Fat is ugly and unhealthy. Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s good. Height has nothing to do with health.

  15. My whole life all I have ever been sure of is wanting to be a VS Angel but I’m only 5’0 so it seems nearly impossible so yes lets unite to make dreams come true.

  16. My whole life I’ve only ever been sure of wanting to be a VS Angel, so yes we must unite to make dreams come true.

  17. I agree with everything on this page. It’s not fair that Victoria’s Secret will not use petite women. One of their ads says “love my body”. However, it feels as if Victoria’s Secret says that you can only like yourself if you are tall. There is nothing wrong with being short. The average height of a female is 5ft 3in. You should love your body even if you are short. Victoria’s Secret should hire models who are short. It would show that anyone can truly love their body.

    1. Whoa there being a plus sized model dosnt automatically make you fat… You are wrong when you say this i have seen sime of the plus sized models out there and there bodies are literally muscle. You are a woman and you should love your other woman not discriminate we should help one another not put eachother down. What you just commented was as you said is like advertising a cigarette as being glamorous.(your personality)

  18. I want to be a victoria secret model but since I’m only 5’2 I can’t because you only want tall people which is really unfair since most people aren’t tall like most of your models.

  19. i’m about to start modeling i’m 5’2 but i’m scared i hate those height discrimination for high market
    petite girls look amazing with heels those giant models doesn’t represent most of women they are taller than men just because on the runway they look good because of light makeuph etc in real they look really giant
    i hope someone will bring the fashion industry to show that petite models are the best but i guess if i had rich famous parents like jenner or cara had there is chance but i’m not sur i really hope bellapetite become international and prove everyone wrong and all women feel happy

    1. You SHOULD model and fight for your right to model. Short girls are afraid and thus make no change. You could be the voice all petite girls need. Just try and fight for it. Devon Aoki is 5 foot 3 and was a runway and print model.

  20. im agree with this. modeling is how you present the product and to persuade the people to buy it. And modeling must be good in walking not only the large breast, big butts and tall

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