Ann Lauren® This Seasons Fashion Trends 2021-22

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Bella Petite Spots the Fashion and Color Trends To Boost Your Mood!

You can choose to ignore the runway trends (and mostly should) but color? It’s everywhere. Discovering your favorite season’s color comes down to how it makes you feel and wearing it too. Unknowingly, color is a powerful communication tool. The 2021 runways collections feature modern ethereal blues to subtle yellows and feminine pinks that are tapping into the power of color ‘wearapy!’

Spring into Summer and Fall into Winter color trends that double boost your mood from blue skies alive to orange burst to call me mellow yellow to pretty in pink and the golden hour. Here are the top 2021 color trends.

Pink Luxury

Pretty in pink exudes charm, romance, and inspires hope. A luxury powdery pink color can be worn as a neutral. The 2021 runways were chock-full of it; sporty dresses ready-to-wear, light jackets and zip hoodies, and quirky tailored shorty suits, yoga shorts, and sexy powdery pink leggings.

Romantic pink’s wearapy has uplifting effects to ingratiate all and give a mood-boosting shot of inner inspiration!

Blue Skies

Got your head in the clouds? Come on out to a cloudless sky, designers are embracing baby blues. Chase away the gray with blues skies for a relaxed influence. Baby blues are not just for boys! Non-binary blue graced short suits for business, jumpsuits for play, and funky dresses for wiling the summer away.


Rusty earthy tone is no longer reserved for the autumn season or ’60s corduroys. In a sheer fabric or silky strap dress, at the top of summer runways. To trend or not to trend is our question. Rust color mood effects may be a bit rusty ;P

Mellow Yellows

Mellow yellows powdery iteration is contrary to bright canary yellow. Totally yummy color hue for a monochrome look. Feeling anxious wearapy it away with mellow yellows cooling mood-boost.

Orange Burst

Runway fashions played with orange bursts in statement-making prints and epic proportions. If you’re not ready for all eyes on you, opt out of this look and go for attention-grabbing citrus accessories.

Golden Hour

The golden hour synonymous with ambition and good fortune. Wear the alluring color on everyday staples like windbreakers and maxi skirts or parade them celebratory on capes and gowns. Golden means ratio wearapy taps into endless summer’s optimism.

Grey Away

Perfectly poised knits and trims in mild weather, we’re reminded that grey is anything but a drab cold winter tone. From breathable knit dresses to vacation-ready leggings, gathered skorts, and crop hoodies in soft grey are the ideal warm-weather palette cleanse.

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