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Yes, we’re gonna go there! Bella Petite is here offering you a variety of ways to improve your lifestyle, and that includes your sex life. Empowerment is key to achieving success at any level.

The ever-elusive orgasm for some women is a healthy and happy benefit of a life that we don’t want you to miss out on, so we’re going to tell you that “it” is within your reach.

Simply said, you ladies should enjoy your sex life fully!  Unfortunately, for some women achieving that toe-curling orgasm can be a challenge.

Recently, we interviewed Sofia Vergara’s trainer, Anna Kaiser about exercises to improve the way you feel in bed naturally. According to Anna, “it all comes down to exercise, and how you work and bend your body during sex.”

Check out her full exercise tips for strengthening your body and preparing it for an incredible orgasm.

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1: Tighten Your Body With Kegels

To practice your Kegels, sit on a big exercise ball. First, begin by pulling up your vagina from sitting on the ball by contracting your muscles.  Then bring up your pelvic floor, hold for 3-5 seconds then release.

The beauty of this one is that you can do it anywhere while doing anything like driving, sitting, and walking.

Once you’ve got this movement down incorporate the body flex during sex for a guaranteed boost!

2: Sliding Cowgirl

This is a good one.  Start by getting on your knees in a prayer position.  Next, grab two towels, or kneepads if you have them. Place both of your knees on either the towels or the pads.  Then slide both of your knees out and then slide them back together. 

This action will strengthen your quads, inner thighs, and pelvic muscles.

(Photo for inspiration… and he’s in the right position!)

Please note: If this is your first time doing these exercises we suggest that you start out by doing higher repetitions and fewer sets. Your focus should be on your form and doing as many as you can to start.  

If you are not a beginner you may want to start off doing at least twenty to forty (20-40) repetitions combined with three (3) sets.

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3: Squeeze and Lift Your Buttocks

Go ahead and get comfortable by laying on your back.

Next, extend out your legs and turn your ankles outward-facing in the opposite direction from each other while squeezing your buttocks and lifting them off the floor.

Hold for 3-5 seconds, then release. At the same time, you will want to tighten your vagina and your stomach muscles.

Essentially do this exactly as if you are in a missionary-style position.

Repeat, practice makes perfect body tone!

4: Reach Through “It’s All About the Booty”

While you are laying on your back, bend both of your knees and pull them into your stomach. Then outwardly extend your legs and spread them apart, while bringing your body forward and reaching through with your arms extended. This action is similar to doing stomach crunches.

Finally, quickly pull your knees back in, and repeat.

Top 5 Exercises For Better Sex Ann Lauren Dolls
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This is a great way to tighten your buttocks and you know that it’s all about the booty!

5: Yoga Thigh Dance For Awesome Quads

Ladies, this one should be the easiest!  Sit up on your knees, then pull your body up off your heels.

You can increase the degree of difficulty by not sitting on your heels when you sit upright to complete the move.  

Continually, pull yourself up from a sitting position. Do this quickly to feel the burn.

No pain, no gain, love your body! You’ve got this!

This exercise is similar to squats, and it should work those quads and legs, so you won’t tremble so hard when your man torques, bends, twists, and rocks you.

For each of these five (5) exercises, we suggest that you do higher repetitions at twenty to thirty (20-30) to start, with three (3) sets per.


If this is your first time, adjust to accommodate your level of fitness. Give these simple steps a try today.  You can thank us later! ;P Written by Ann Lauren

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Top 5 Exercises For Better Sex Ann Lauren Dolls
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Bella Petite Magazine Brand Ambassador Celebrity Fashion Editor Ann Lauren ®  IMDB biography credits

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