Ann Lauren on Bella Petite’s Future

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Ann Lauren
Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©
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Ann Lauren ® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©

Ann Lauren® to launch an intelligently developed social web community dedicated to petite fashion, models, entertainment, and lifestyle. will offer branded merchandise, products, model search, and services to its members, from fashion and beauty makeover tools to interactive real-time ad campaigns and point-and-click purchasing ability direct from the site.  

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Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©

We are creating a digital magazine to deliver content in a variety of editorial, audio, and video formats.  We are committed to discovering and embracing the future of publishing while channeling the power of a global social community. is one element of our efforts to launch a globally significant website, magazine, and brand to represent the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle interests of petite women.  The website is still in its infancy but is focused on becoming the premier platform and web community for exclusively discussing and servicing the needs and interests of petite women.

Bella Petite will be on par with the other mainstream fashion and beauty magazines, and we strive to become the petite standard in the fashion world!

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Ann Lauren® USA Petite Model Show Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©


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Ann Lauren ® Celebrity Model Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©

Bella Petite is fast becoming the globally recognized platform for petite clothing designers and businesses catering to petite women to promote their goods and services.  We look forward to the site growing in its capabilities and scope in order to provide an experience that is truly a one-stop spot for petite fashion and lifestyle on the Internet. Additionally, the magazine, radio, television, and other platform expansion is key to our all-encompassing, brand-building approach.  We believe it is to the benefit of petite women to have a brand at the forefront of petite fashion steering this multi-billion dollar industry, and we strive to be that standard.


Bella Petite expects to provoke a paradigm shift in the fashion industry and replace the old, stale fashion publications with an option that better represents petite women.

ann lauren
Ann Lauren ® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©

7 thoughts on “Ann Lauren on Bella Petite’s Future”

  1. Here here ! I posted on your Prosper magazine piece this morning. Cannot wait to see how your site develops and the products on offer. Wishing you every success, power to petites !

      1. I am UK based Ann but would love to get involved and be part of this. I think Uk is even further behind the curve than US ! Please email me, Julie.

      2. Hey Ann , This is Leon/ Andy (Leon Cliyne couture)
        Stumbled upon your web community and upcoming magazine venture – I am very proud of you guuuuuuuuuuurl
        You’re going to take all the way this round!

        1. OMG Andy and Leon Cliyne! I can't believe it's my favorite clothing designer in the world! Leon Cliyne Couture…You better believe we have things to talk about! Get ready guys to take over the fashion world by storm! I have a feeling 2010 is the year of the PETITE! There's no stopping us when we team up the sky is the limit…

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