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You may be tall (over 5’8″), petite, plus-size, or a middle height woman (5’6″ to 5’8″) and we all want to know the tricks of the trade to make ur waistline appear to look smaller in clothing. 

The easiest way to give the illusion of a smaller waist is shapewear and there are many fashionable solutions that will make you look thinner with very little effort.

Ann Lauren Fashion Body con side panel dress

1.Body-Con Shaper Dresses

Want a dress that creates a slimming effect on your figure?

Look for Body-Con dresses for a figure-flattering look that is spot-on-trend.

Ann Lauren monogram bodycon dress and pink luxe bodycon shaper dresses are this season’s hottest trend! These petite dresses are body-shaper spanx in a dress for the ultimate slimming effect to make your waist look smaller and they smooth out the bumps.

Fashion designer Stella McCartney ignited dresses with slimming side panels in black or navy on the sides are especially fabulous to create a gorgeous illusion of a smaller waist. We love this look!

2. Don’t Hide Your Figure

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Seriously, you don’t want to wear oversized bulky layers, which we all have a tendency to do during the Fall and Winter seasons.

Of course, bulky sweaters and layers are all about warmth. The downside to bulky layers is that they will make you look several pounds heavier. We suggest that you pair your layers and bulky sweater with a bootleg or flared jeans to help balance out your figure so this looks great on you. 

green wool coat
Ann Lauren ® Fashion

As your resident BellaPetite fashion expert may I suggest that when you are wearing something bulky, like a sweater, always pick one that is the actual true size to best compliment your figure.

Also, try to stay away from several thick layers unless of course you are headed out to Antarctica, lol!

Perhaps once the weather begins to warm up, try wearing several thin layers. When it comes to a coat, select one that has a belt to cinch in your waistline, giving you an hourglass figure while still keeping you warm.

classic fit and flare dress style
Ann Lauren ® Fashion

3. Go retro
Classic style never goes out of style.

Instantly take off inches try a classic fit and flare dress style that slopes into a nicely flared skirt that is seamed at the waist to achieve a flattering shape.

To help you figure out the buckle and band size try taking a selfie, looking in the mirror, or simply get a second opinion from a close confidant that is honest about how it looks on you.

4. Let’s Wrap As we all know a classic wrap dress never goes out of style. They are figure-flattering for all body types because a wrap dress cinches at that waist making it look smaller!

classic wrap dress for petite women
Ann Lauren ® Fashion

This is a coveted fashion secret to the stars because it makes your midsection appear smaller. You may even opt for a wrap dress with a fun pattern that takes attention away from areas you are trying to conceal.

One more trick when selecting a wrap dress is to pick the right size and that the fabric is a good quality to avoid showing lumps and bumps, as well as you don’t want a fabric that is too flimsy because it will show figure flaws.

This trick of the trade helps bigtime by wearing a body slimmer which will keep it all smooth!

Also, to make your waist appear smaller is to add on a belt, but be careful that it isn’t too large of a buckle or band to appear bigger for your body type. 

Ann Lauren Fashion high waisted jeans for petite women
Ann Lauren® Fashion Advice

5. Mid to High Waist Bottoms

Pick out mid to high-waisted jeans and skirts depending on your height and body type. If you are over 5’3″ you can do high-waisted bottoms.

However, if you are shorter than 5’3″ a mid-waist style option most likely to be best for you.  Both of these styles tend to sit at the best spot on your waist, which makes your waist naturally appear to be smaller. 

Also, you want to avoid looking frumpy, by pairing your bottoms with a fitted top. 

Don’t forget to add a great pair of heels to make your legs look both longer and leaner to complete your look.

Written by Ann Lauren

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