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Fashion expert Ann Lauren’s jean guide helps you get the perfect fit.

You can count on Bella Petite to give their readers what they ask for!

A direct quote from Savannah Guthrie host on the Today show with Hoda Kotb to Ann Lauren on Twitter:

Ann Lauren Jean Guideline
Savannah Guthrie & Hoda Kotb Today Show

“I would love to see a story about jeans for people with smaller waists, short torsos, and petite in stature. None of us want that “mom look” when our jeans fit bad.”

We assured Ms. Guthrie that we would get on it and provide the 411!

If you’re petite fit or plus-sized, chances are you’ve experienced the anxiety-ridden daunting task of shopping for ready-to-wear clothing. Not so funny.  

We all understand ready-to-wear doesn’t always exist in the petite woman’s world.

Let’s start with a basic wardrobe essential: a great pair of jeans.  My favorite pair of jeans came to me like a Cinderella tale… (Picture on the left of me in my Hudson in Maroon wax jeans)

Shopping day in Newport Beach with gal pals and we made our way into a designer boutique.  

The owner came over to me with a pair of jeans and exclaimed, “you must try these on, darling.”  I did, and they were a perfect fit. That never happens to me!

The store owner told me he was “overjoyed” to finally meet “the girl that could fit the petite, size 0  jeans,” so he gave them to me as a gift. Sweet!!!

Now I do not ever want to wear another pair of jeans… and we lived happily ever after, and you can too!  

The designer of the “chosen ones” is the Hudson Krista style. What a great petite true fit!


(not even shortened and I’m 5’2″ with a short torso and a size 24 waist).

These are the best petite size jeans to define petite body type figures da bomb petite jeans!

Hudson petite jeans give you the perfect fit and style just for you!

Here’s a great selection of Hudson petite-size jeans that are must-haves in your wardrobe.


Bella Petite’s style tips are based on your height and figure type to take the guesswork out!

There are many styles, cuts, and brands of jeans, so it’s an overwhelming task for many of us, petite ladies, to find the “right” pair of jeans.  

Bella Petite’s style guide will help you get the right fit to love how you look! The first key is the inseam. Most petite women require a 29-31″ inseam, not the average 33″-34″ inseam. The right inseam will help avoid the always dreaded “mom look.”


This year it seems high-waisted jeans are in style! 

Petite women with larger hips like petite celebrity 5’2″ Kim Kardashian should opt for fitted high-waisted fitted jeans and with straight leg cuts.

Avoid extreme flare styles and baggy jeans.  

ann lauren  kim-kardashian-high-waisted-jeans
Bella Petite Celeb Kim Kardashian HIgh-Waisted jeans

Also, say no to skinny leg low-waisted and Capri cuts, as they aren’t cut well to accommodate larger frames. You don’t want to look like you are wearing miniature leggings.

Great brand picks for Petites with hips; J Brand, Levi’s 515 straight cuts, Right Fit Jeans, Joe’s Jeans, Tahari, David Kahn, and Citizens of Humanity are all excellent brands with great style!  

All of these brands come in an optional stretch style.  A definite plus for comfort-conscious consumers.

Lucky Brand Mid Rise AVA petite jeans (inseam 24-29)

Next, we have some wonderful suggestions for the petite plus-sized or full-figured petite woman.


Petite plus-sized and full-figured size 12+ plus should apply these general rules; no low-rise cut, hip huggers can make you appear heavier.

Try to select stretch fabrics that won’t cut off at the waist for easier fit and comfort. Selecting a mid to high-rise style may be the best for you!

You will experience a higher degree of difficulty finding a good fit, but try retailers like Lane Bryant, Casual Corner, Chico’s, Fashion Bug, and Catherines Plus-sizes. Some brands to look for: Levi’s 512 Shaping Boot & Straight Cuts, Right Fit Jeans, Calvin Klein, David Kahn, and Lee Jeans.

The high-waisted cut is ideal for your specific figure.  


Petite women with small hips should look for low-rise hip, bootcut, and straight leg cuts.

Flared styles are fabulous as they will lengthen the legs and add a few inches, even without heels!  The flare cuts look fabulous on women with narrow or average hips, adding balance to the figure.  

You, lucky lady, can pick any jeans style or cut according to your preference.

Finding the right jean length is essential. The perfect jeans will barely skim the tops of your shoes and increase your “visible height.”  

Great jean brands to achieve the look you want are; Hudson, JBrand, Max Studio, Levi’s 515 Boot Cut West Coast, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, and 7 For All Mankind. All mentioned brands offer petite versions in their lines, which have well-defined proportions for the petite frame.

Ann Lauren Dolls Bella Petite Capris make you look shorter
Kim Kardashian and Gwen Stefani By Ann Lauren On Clothing Tips


Capri’s are not a cute look they rarely look good on most women with the exception of Glamazons because they have the height to rock this look.

A good example showing why Capri jeans aren’t always figure-flattering is shown on petite celebrities 5’5″Gwen Stefani and 5’2″ Kim Kardashian’s black capris are too tight and short giving her a dumpy appearance.

Ann Lauren Dolls clothing Bella Petite Models Petite Jeans
Ann Lauren® Clothing Small cuffs Hudson Nico Petite Jeans

Capri’s simply are not flattering to a “petite fit, curvy, or petite plus-sized” woman they cut off your height.

Capri does not only make you look shorter, they also aren’t figure-flattering.

Small cuffs on your jeans can be super cute.

A larger cuff may look shorter and dumpy and you don’t want to emphasize the bottom of your legs, so small cuffs are best.

Definitely avoid extreme flat shoes like bally slipper flats.  All women need a little lift!

Let us know what you think.

What’s your favorite pair of jeans?

Share in the comments below.

Written By Ann Lauren

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22 thoughts on “Ann Lauren® Expert How-To Jean Style And Fit Guide”

  1. Hello I am a petite full figure over 50 woman. Size 14 with a short waist. I have spent a life time searching for perfect pants…contrary to what we are told…I buy my jeans and roll the waist under or over simply because I don’t want added fabric on my mid section. I love hip huggers and yes I know they are suspose to make short legs look even shorter…I compensate by going longer a with the leg length and wearing heels wit a blouse that goes to mid hip. Just wondering if everyone agrees with the fashion experts or do they just have preferences that they are afraid to share with the fashion industry?

  2. I am 4’11 and have a very hard time finding jeans to fit in the waist without constantly pulling them up. I am evenly proportioned, but short waisted. Of course I have to always hem them. What type of jeans should I look for?

  3. Oh my goodness, I am so happy I found this site… I will have to throw out 3/4 of my closet because of it, but I needed help! I’m a 5’1″ hourglass (with a little post baby belly that I need to lose) and don’t feel confident in any of my clothes. I now realize I shouldn’t be wearing any of them! I wish I could bring you shopping with me for extra input! Haha.

  4. I love the article (mostly) and your site. I just found it and I'm happy I did. I do have to say that I don't agree with the end of this article. I am tried of everything telling petites not to wear flats. I went years with never wearing flats and I'm glad when I finally brought them back into my life. Yes, the flats will do nothing to give you height but there are times to embrace your stature and give your feet a rest. You can still look amazing while not wearing heels.

    1. Great to have your commentary on the site. We appreciate and value everyone's opinion. Many fashion experts tend to advise petites against extreme flats, they aren't flattering to a petite figure or even a tall women. All we're saying is if you're after your best look try to wear atleast a two inch heel. I do agree flats are fun and easy on your feet though! Don't forget to JOIN as a BellaPetite Member!

  5. Excellent article on great fitting jeans for petites…I am off to shop! More stuff like this. I like it very much.

  6. Great article, but I disagree with your comments on capris! I’m a petite lady myself (not quite 5’3″) with a slim, houglass figure, and I look great in them. The secret to pulling them off is to get the right length and to pair them up with shoes in the same (or similar) colour. (For example, navy capris with navy or black shoes.) You also need to pick capris with slim legs and a slim fit. Mind you, capris are easier to carry off if you are a taller petite (5’2″ and over) with proportionately longer legs (my body type). And if you are a long-legged taller petite, you can even pull off capris with small cuffs. I have a dark blue denim pair of capris with turned-up cuffs. I’ve been photographed in these capris and didn’t look short-legged in them at all.

  7. Very helpful article. However, I disagree with your view on capri pants. Even though I’m only 5’2.5″, I look good in capris. Petite women can wear capris if the capris are slim-fitting and the correct length and if they are worn with shoes in the same color or color family (e.g., navy capris with navy or black shoes). Capris are probably best suited to long-legged, taller petite women of 5’2″ to 5’4″ (a group I fit into), though they might work for shorter women if the proportions are correct. Some long petite women can even wear slim-fitting capris with cuffs. I own a pair of dark blue denim capris with cuffed bottoms, and I don’t look short-legged in them at all.

  8. Hi, I’m happy to have just found your magazine. I looked at the companies recommended under “petite with big hips” and none of them carry an inseam short enough for me! Several times a year I go on an (online) quest to find jeans with my inseam and I go crazy. I have had ones from Delia’s that fit lengthwise, but they’re really not well made. I am 5’1 and I think 26″ is best for me. Help! A lot of petite pants are still several inches too long for me.

    1. Hello Tatiana, try and for jeans. Both Hudson jeans and Allison Izu make great fitting jeans for petite women. When it comes to length and inseam it is likely best to go with Allison Izu since her jeans are made specifically for petite women 5’6″ and shorter and also available at Nordstrom. Keep in mind that hemming a jean is less important than a proper inseam size. Good luck!

  9. I’m 5’3 and my husband bought me a really cute pair of Boyfriend jeans from Zara I tried then on and I my 8 year daughter loved it ;because it’t not the really baggy uglu ones what should i do wear them or nor Please hepp me. (and how should i cuffed them }

    1. Hi Ria, we agree Allison Izu jeans are the perfect fit for us petite gals! She sent us her entire collection. We shot a great editorial and the jeans fit all of us (height range 5’1″ to 5’5″) with no alterations needed.

  10. Thanks for sharing such useful advice! Luv your fashion tips Ann Lauren! Bella Petite is looking great too!

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