Ann Lauren Featured in Palm Springs Life! JUNE ISSUE


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20 thoughts on “Ann Lauren Featured in Palm Springs Life! JUNE ISSUE”

  1. You are the ultimate power petite Ann! Thanks for taking the time and efforts to promote us petites. I feel proud to be petite. You are soo beautiful!

  2. This so great this is happening for BellaPetite! Your efforts are completely appreciated! Thanks bunches!

  3. WOW! 70% of women are petite! Thanks for sharing:) I will go to bed a happier gal! I LOVE small and sassy women:)

  4. I don't think 5'5" is petite. As someone under 5' petite should be more like 5'2" and under. Clothes aren't truly made petite otherwise. It's pretty average.

  5. Niiice suit too BTW, I have a pair of wedges exactly that size that dont match anything…what size shoe is Ann???? 🙂

  6. It's great to see you looking like a sophisticated gorgeous business woman! We need a formidable woman to take on this huge task at hand of getting petites into the marketplace.

  7. It's refreshing to see a woman that presents herself like a real business women as opposed to just a model. Obviously, we can see that Ann is versatile she can do it all and is someone I want to emulate! So beautiful inside and out! You got the complete package gurl:-)

  8. This is nothing short of great for us! Ann's really making this happen for petite women. She's not about talk and all about taking action. All of petite women need to make use of this opportunity to make this push for us to make it in fashion, oh yeah! Go Ann Go! C'mon ladies we can be the engine that could. Get every petite girl you see on this site subscribing now, we gotta do it!

  9. For once it really seems like this is so possible for petites to be considered in the beauty and fashion world. I've been waiting forever to see this happen. Thank you Ann for making see this can be a reality for us! I want to help how ever I can. Just say the word. You have my contact info. Bye now! You are a neat lady!

  10. I wish I could look and be like you! A perfect petite pretty gal that cares to make a difference for all! You are the best! I am a member and telling every petite I can bout this 🙂

  11. You are my inspiration and help so much to like myself. Really makes me feel great pride to be involve with this site! You mean what you say. You walk the talk and look beautiful doing it! 🙂 Count me on your team!

  12. I never thought I'd see the day someone would dare to change the fashion world and it's lame standards! You dabomb lady!

  13. When do you think we'll start making fashion takes us petites? I always wished I could be a model and everyone says no way!!!!! Hate being only 5'4" its not good until this came along! Forever hopeful! kisses to you!

  14. It's been a really special for me to see someone try to make a real difference for so many of us that feel like outsiders in the beauty world! I found this site a couple months ago and didn't thinks its for real u know, but now I know it is! hooray for us! You are the best rep ever for petite models!

  15. Great gorgeous outfit and picture you make us petite look good! damm you hot! where can i get what your wearing? please gotta know?

  16. Great article Ann — So very happy your vision is coming into focus! I love being a part of the Bella Petite Family!

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