Ann Lauren Fashion Editorials Starring Petite Models

ann lauren fashion doll editorial


ann lauren doll fashions model editorials
Ann Lauren: Bella Petite Magazine Editor-in-Chief (Red Fusion) Photographer Peter Baratti
ann lauren fashion doll model editorials

Bella Petite Magazine is all about engaging talented petite women and bringing you expert advice on issues important to you, with petite fashion and petite models featured in our editorials. We are sincerely passionate about our mission and we are bringing petite women to the fashion forefront.  Now that we have launched the preview issue of Bella Petite Magazine, petite women are receiving recognition in the world of high fashion.

ann lauren fashion dolls model editorials
ann lauren fashion doll editorial models

“Petite Fashion Takeover” Petite models: Amber Forrester, Angela Phillips, and Chanelle Photographer Lorenzo Smith. “Petite Fashion Takeover cont”

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Bella Petite Magazine is Fashion, Entertainment, and Lifestyle for Women 5’7″ Tall & under. ”Petite is fit and full-figured.”

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ann lauren fashion doll editorial


4 thoughts on “Ann Lauren Fashion Editorials Starring Petite Models”

  1. Hi, I’ve also entered the talent search!
    *I get so excited when I see “petite models” shine! The editorials are beautiful! We have so much talent! When I looked at these photos, I see talent & beauty; not “height”. I wish the fashion industry would see our talent with that perspective. We are equally as talented and capable of creating beautiful editorials! “Height-Fashion” (bka high-fashion) here we come! lol #petites 😉 please follow me on twitter @niecie_marie and facebook: Shanice Marie Green

  2. im so excited about this petite movement… i just entered the model search and cant wait to work with other petites just like me…!

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