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The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is one of the largest media events in New York City. The shows are the initial launch of an international tour that introduces the latest style developments and provides brand exposure.

Typically the shows predict the hot colors and trends for the upcoming season.

Fashion week grabs the attention of millions allowing designers to make impressions and create opportunities and connect with the industry.

Housing the leading designers and the next generation of budding talent from all over the globe. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week forms an international stage for brands to take their businesses to the next level.

Closely linked to the fashion industry is the world of interior design. Frequently we see the trends that emerge in fashion appear in interiors with textures, colors, and applications, and this year is no different.

We see the sphere of influence expand into the home, from the ever classic black and white to the exciting splashes of navy and dark greens, faux furs, metallics and feathers.

One of the tips I recommend to my clients for implementing bold colors into a space is to combine them with soft neutrals. Neutral tones are timeless and allow a space to stay current. Bold accents are easily switched out when used in paint, and decorative accents such as pillows and window treatments.

Mixed rich textures are featured in most collections. Textures keep a space visually stimulating; almost making the rooms feel alive.

Faux sheepskin rugs, textured wallpapers, and fun feather pillows are great examples of implementing texture into your design.

Some of my favorite textured wallpapers have been from Phillip Jeffries, JF Fabrics and Arte (I’ve used their lines in both my home and office).

Finally onto a few of my personal favorite looks: metallics! From brushed and polished nickel to rose gold, steel, iron and copper, metallic accents are hot!

As light is so vital in every part of the home, mirrors and reflective furniture, metallic wallpapers, accents, and color tones are the perfect way to enrich and brighten up a room. Metallics correlates well offers a timeless look with glamorous appeal.

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For more examples of great metallic décor, visit Z Gallerie, Arteriors, and Global Views for their latest introductions.

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Written by: HGTV Design Star Vanessa Deleon Bella Petite’s Interior Design Expert


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