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Ann Lauren Interview Bella Petite
Ann Lauren Celebrity Interview By Candace Chambers-Belida
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Ann Lauren Bella Petite gurlfriends over cappuccino share their personal feelings on love, loss, and life.

Talking with a special (Gurl) friend Ann Lauren over a great cup of cappuccino. It was fantastic how we mused over the past events in our life.

We both found that we had some incredibly amazing life moments, and yet we had some bittersweet moments that seemed more than hard to swallow.

Just absolutely bring you to your knees devastating.

We debated over whether or not living in the past was better now and was in the past that appeared to have captured our hearts, or rather the lessons learned that made us the resilient women we are today.

The jury is still out on that one!


We shared our exhilarating whirlwind romances, drama-driven break-ups, and even moments that only one could remember as quick fleeting rendezvous.

What brought tears to our eyes the most was the love lost, whether it was that painful break-up or losing the one you loved to life’s inevitable- death…

My girlfriend has endured the pain of losing her husband and son, both of whom she frantically desperately tried to save one fateful morning. For her, the pain of loss, love, and life is severe. The trauma of sudden death is a heavy burden that takes a toll on one’s heart making, every day a challenge. The double loss she experienced is prophetic.

I’m honored and thankful that she opened up to allow me to share her traumatic losses with you. I believe Ann Lauren is a walking miracle. Her strength to carry on despite her heartfelt profound life losses is a powerful symbol of courageous appreciation to understanding that there’s only life and from pain comes the magic.

What I have come to appreciate most about my girlfriend is her authenticity. Lauren is one of the kindest, generous, thoughtful, and inspiring young women I know. She’s a true friend who is always there for you, especially when the chips are down the rarest of human beings.

Ann Lauren’s innate intuitive abilities make her a uniquely qualified empowering role model for women. Creating Bella Petite for all of us to use as our platform is emblematic of whom she is and how she is positively transforming women’s lives.

It takes courage to be unique with an insightful vision to create change. Ann Lauren is our generation’s modern woman who leads with a heartfelt compassionate style.

Life’s Curveballs

Candace Chambers-Belida

My recollection of the moment when I received the chilling news that my husband David had cancer giving him only two months to live, was like falling off a cliff in slow motion. No matter how you try to be strong, there are occurrences in life that cut you to the core.

I remember those days and months after he passed away, where it was easy to pull the sheets over my head and even harder to get out of the bed to face the world without him.

As both of our water-teared eyes and choked-up emotions stirred us, there was no doubt in our mind that life has a way of throwing you a curveball when you least expect it.

My friend and I discovered that there had to have been an incredible supernatural-Godly force in looking back on some of the hard moments; that seemed to have lifted us up and pulled us out of the abyss of loneliness and pain.

No matter how hard it is to face some of life’s problems, one fact remains, crises are an indelible part of life.

Sooner or later we all face difficulties that are hard to bear. Just know that you are not alone, at this moment. No matter what you are facing, this is not yours forever.


Now is the time that you empower yourself with everything you have inside because you cannot let “Life- the Sorrows. The Disappointments. The Pain and Loss- Kill Your Passion, Kill Your Joy. Bottom line- Don’t Let Life Kill You.”

As my girlfriend and I concluded, we are stronger and more sensitive to things. We have a special appreciation for life, that birthed through our pain.

We agreed that no matter what curveballs are thrown knocking us down that is virtually a life lesson about how we choose to consciously experience our moments.

It doesn’t matter how we fall, it’s about how we pick ourselves back up, allowing our hearts to be big enough to love again, prosper and that in itself is sincerely worth living for.

Relationship Expert – Candace Chambers-Belida Bella Petite Copyright ©


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Date First Published: 12-2015 Updates: 2016-2021.

8 thoughts on “Ann Lauren® Live Interview Don’t Let Life Discourage You”

  1. Having gone through a bad break-up myself, I can relate to what Candice wrote. I love the advice. Keep up the good work. You are inspiring many people around the world to never give up.

  2. Candace has the unique gift of expression and her journey inspires everyone she touches!
    Great article!

  3. I never knew this about Ann Lauren she has always been inspiring for me and now reading this she is an even more amazing woman! I can not imagine losing the love of my life and a child. Truly so sorry to hear about this. Please accept my condolences.

  4. Having been through bad breakups I get it this and how hard it is to feel good about life. Fortunately, I have never suffered the loss of a husband and a child. Candace’s words are heartfelt. My heart goes out to Ann Lauren Bella Petite’s founder it made me feel very sad since I have been a subscriber for a long time and never knew this about her and the pain she lives with. I am very impressed how Miss Lauren is able to create this great magazine as well as inspires great confidence in women helping us to love ourselves. I can only imagine the pain she carries in her heart but yet she smiles, inspires and achieves never showing her pain to us. Thank you Candace for writing this great article!

  5. I have been a loyal reader of Bella Petite and a big admirer of Ann Lauren for everything she has accomplished for all of us petite women. She has made me love being petite! Having read this article before now, I never knew she suffered such a huge loss!!! OMG I don’t how she does it all.

    I want to thank you Ann Lauren for being an amazing lady of true grace and style. Please keep on being you and all that you do! Truly all inspiring!

  6. This article is very helpful. Sometimes we all feel so alone with our painful breakups. But reading about how two amazing ladies are dealing with the worse loss ever the death of your husbands and children is unimaginable for me.

    Miss Ann Lauren a woman I have always admired and just now learning about her personal tragedy has me in shock because of all that she does for us petite women that I’ve followed for years now. Really surprised at how she’s gotten through this terrible loss with such grace and able to empower others. Her authentic selflessness shines here at BellaPetite. Thank you for sharing. P.S. I’d like to know more about Ann Lauren and learn her secrets to her success. I’m certain she would inspire everyone with her story.

  7. Wow, Miss Ann Lauren’s genuine soul shines brightly here at BellaPetite. I too have suffered a bad breakup with an abusive guy, but never dealt with the death of a loved one, my heart is with you, Ms. Lauren. You are a beacon of hope for all of us. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Thank you for this article! I really needed to read this because I am going through a divorce and it is tough. I feel like I am beaten but these words are encouraging. After learning about Ann Lauren a person that I admire who inspires me and how terrible the personal losses are that she is experiencing I am even that much more impressed by her. My heart goes out to her and I hope she knows how great of a role model she is for all of us. God Bless

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