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Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©
ann lauren dolls clothing model
Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©


Celebrity petite model Ann Lauren looks like a mannequin doll. Ann Lauren mannequin dolls are essential to clothing design and fittings for models to strut the runway. Ann Lauren Mannequin Dolls are scaled for petite fashion.


ann lauren dolls model

Petite women are fashion recognizable. Petite models and fashion are represented. Bella Petite Models Members are featured on covers, editorials, catalogs, model searches, model shows, beauty pageants, and promotional features in live streaming campaigns that are metamorphosized on the virtual pages of Bella Petite Magazine. 

Join Bella Petite now. Be part of the petite-fashion and petite-model movement. Bella Petite Magazine is Fashion, Entertainment, and Lifestyle for Women. “Petite is fit, curvy, and plus-sized.


ann lauren

Enter the Bella Petite Model Search. Petite model members win a photoshoot in California, covers, fashion editorials, profiles, features, catalog print, tear sheets for your portfolio, modeling promotions and more! 

Enter the ONLY model search in the world for petite women 5’7″ tall and under!

Ann Lauren ® Celebrity Brand Merchandise, Goods, Products, and Services are available on Bella Petite Magazine.

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