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Bella Petite is the industry leader in establishing ethnic diversity. Our winners are petite in stature and tall on beauty! All of our winning titlists are working models before circa December 2019. — As shown here in our nationally televised USA Petite © model show graphics.

My FIRST nationally televised USA Petite live show held at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas from, “Back in the Future… 20 years ago”

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Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©

Bella Petite’s fashion and beauty way back machine record reflectively depicts the National USA Petite Pageants as have the “FIRST African American National Beauty Pageant Titlists.” (The pageant pics show Paulette Szymoniak and Angela Brown competed with over a 100 winning titlists where over 60% are non-white ethnicities).

I must get the DVDs and upload them to YouTube, haha!

Naturally, during 2019, my frequency beamed pride in knowing how we paved the way for a great change!

The glitches in the code are repaired newly embed the beauty standards and disrupt the fashion status quo.

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Straight outta a “Black Mirrors’ episode, we watched the frenzied media astonishment as they tempestuously covered;

“The happening of five African women winning titles representing all five of the national Tall pageant systems and then five when Miss World aired 12-16-19.” 

The awkwardly delivered reaction of the poorly juxtaposed coverage lacked the true data when they recited that it took 100 years for black women to become national and international titlists! And they overlooked and didn’t credit ‘the why and how it happened.’ Interesting?

Here’s a reliable Bella Petite totemic marker for our FIRST Cover Girl Sundai Love.  

For instance, what if Sundai entered the Miss America Pageant again, last December 2019, she would not say; “They discriminated against me for my ethnicity.”  She’d say, “They discriminated against me for my height.”

Next, we tried to factor in “how many years will it take for five petite women of all ethnicities to win at the same time in these old school-coded beauty pageants? CODE ERROR 404!”

‘Bella Petite’s ideological philosophy of beauty diversity and height is a natural happening since day one!’

What we know is change happens. Sure it’s positive to see the good ole’ pageants of yesteryear following our lead, as they “updated to beauty 1.0” as quoted by many 2019 pageant contestants. The indicators are that the beauty code updates are processing as we architected.

The Wayback machine indicates the totemic Bella Petite Magazine’s code of diversity is in HER© genetic code, so keep doing what comes organically!

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Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©

Bella Petite’s continuum of showing appreciation by celebrating our glamazon predecessors’ accomplishments in the fashion, beauty, and entertainment sectors granted us access§.  Our code of beauty diversity has synergistically resonated virally with industry insiders.

Bella Petite’s global contributors appreciate our ideological contributions; Paul Fisher of The Network Talent, and Supermodels Kathy Ireland to Cindy Crawford, Kristy Hinz, Clarissa Burt, Giselle, Chrissy Teigan, Tyra Banks, and many others.

In our world of fashion and beauty at Bellå Petite Magazine “we broke down the fake barriers, and we built real bridges for everyone to strut our multi-diverse looks together on one beåutifully lit-up⇑ runwåy!”

Written by: Ann Lauren

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