Ann Lauren ® Is a Doll

ann lauren dolls
ann lauren dolls
Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©


Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©

Ann Lauren’s doll face matches her beauty and charm. As the saying goes, ‘dynamite comes in small packages,’ and our Bella Petite® founder and editor-in-chief, Ann Lauren®, is a testament to its truth!

Ann Lauren is a known celebrity brand. She is recognized for her nationally televised shows and entrepreneurial ventures.

Ann Lauren’s efforts influenced a paradigm shift to the fashion, entertainment & beauty industries.

Ann Lauren’s forward-thinking leadership transformed industry status quos.

Lauren’s We Thrive® fashion and model initiatives for petite women created new opportunities in fashion, beauty, and modeling while fulfilling the demands of petite female consumers.  

Ann Lauren Host of the Bella Petite Hour live weekly broadcast on America’s Web Radio, Radio Sandy Springs, and downloadable on iTunes and here on Bella Petite with over 250 podcasts featuring celebrities, models, rockstars, fortune 500 professionals, authors, and pop culture media news. Her show broadcast dates began in 2011.

Ann Lauren developed the Bella Petite premier brand a globally significant source catering to the interests of both petite and women of all heights with an emphasis on female empowerment fueled by ‘We Thrive’ ® sustainable initiatives to combat; discrimination, bullies, femicide, heal the earth, and humanity with real solutions that fill our self-care toolbox for us to achieve heart-brain harmony.

Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©

The Bella Petite Multimedia Complex is the premier petite female-oriented media and fashion brands, with a variety of media, entertainment, and merchandise properties;, Bella Petite Models, Ann Lauren Livecast; also the soon to be released Ann Lauren signature brand merchandise release of products, services, fashion, accessories providing full-scale consumer-driven merchandise offering.  

Soon after, Ann founded and organized the largest national organization for petite women, USA Petites, with over 100,000, women competing in petite pageants, modeling shows, and events (500 venues).

USA Petite’s rapid growth catapulted Lauren to become the first and youngest female to direct, produce and host the only nationally televised show in the world for petite models

Ann Lauren Dolls
Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©
Ann Lauren Dolls
Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©

Prior to Bella Petite, Ann was actively involved in many aspects of the fashion and entertainment industries. She began her career as a beauty queen titlist, petite model, actress, and host at the age of 16 while under contract with Ford Models.

ann lauren african dolls clothing petite models

Today Lauren’s global sphere of influence includes appearances in; newspapers, radio, and television interviews worldwide, social media, and multimedia Web Complex staged her as a leading expert in the fashion, beauty, and modeling industries.

The globally recognized brands of Bella Petite Multimedia Complex are; Bella Petite Magazine, Ann Lauren, Bella Petite Models, Bella

Ann Lauren’s worldwide web properties encompass media services, products, and retail with on-demand merchandise delivery systems are disruptive technologies scaled design reimagined a modern ethos. 

Bella Petite Ann Lauren’s relentless unwavering dedication, the fashion and beauty code status quo is changed! Petite women are models and have clothing that fits here on!

ann lauren

BellaPetite ® and Ann Lauren® are domestic and internationally with Registered Web Domains, Trademarks, and Copyrights held by Bella Petite Publishing, LLC and Ann Lauren Global, LLC.

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