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Ann Lauren Fashion Editorials

“My Bella Petite covers and fashion editorial tearsheets with Ann Lauren’s guidance provided what I needed to get signed by great agencies to work in the USA and internationally. Being a Bella Petite Model member is the best way to become a working petite model.” – ANTM Sundai Love

“I’m looking forward to the future of petite fashion and models with Ann Lauren’s clothing and fashion magazine. The possibilities are limitless! Bella Petite Magazine is the modern fashion standard.” -ANTM Courtney Davies

Bella Petite Magazine Brand Ambassador / Media Influencer / Actress Ann Lauren ® IMDb Bio / Credits

“I love Bella Petite Magazine! Being on set with Ann Lauren is a blast. Her authenticity and commitment to elevating petite models and fashion are unstoppable. My favorite editorials are here on Bella Petite.

Who cares about Vogue magazine’s outdated industry standards and lack of diversity. Bella Petite Magazine is the fashion standard.I can’t wait to see what’s next! ” -Playboy Playmate Colleen Shannon

Get registered now with Bella Petite Models to get a free Bella Petite designer t-shirt and to qualify for:

  1. Covergirl Petite Model Search
  2. Fit Body Petite Model Search
  3. Petite Model Editorials
  4. Petite Model Profiles
  5. Ann Lauren Clothing Catalog
  6. SuperModelSelfie Contests

Bella Petite Ann Lauren’s ethnically diverse petite model campaigns and model search is dedicated to establishing a new beauty and fashion standard. Ann Lauren Dolls Mannequin Models.

America’s Next Top Models Sundai Love, Reina Hein, Laura Kirkpatrick, and Courtney Davies endorses the Bella Petite Model Search by Ann Lauren Fashion. ANTM Petite ModelTestimonials.

Become a Bella Petite member today and be part of the petite fashion and model movement. Bella Petite Magazine is Fashion, Entertainment, and Lifestyle for Women. Petite is fit, curvy, and plus-sized.

Enter the Bella Petite Model SearchWin a professional photoshoot in California and an editorial fashion spread. You will get tearsheets for your portfolio and modeling promotions! Enter the ONLY model search in the world for petite women 5’7″ tall and under!

Join Bella Petite today and be part of the petite-fashion and petite-model movement. Bella Petite Magazine is Fashion, Entertainment, and Lifestyle for Women. “Petite is fit, curvy, and plus-sized. BELLA PETITE MAGAZINE  Enter the ONLY model search in the world for petite women 5’7″ tall and under!

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Covergirl Fashion Model Search

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