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Ann Lauren Celebrity Fashion
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Ann Lauren Clothing is an exciting fashion release for petite women! For the first time in fashion history, there’s a designer petite-centric clothing launch for us to celebrate! Ann Lauren uses sustainable organic fabrics and original prints are earth-friendly. Ann Lauren clothing contributes 5% of our profits to Women Leading Green: Climate Change Leadership.

Bella Petite’s Ann Lauren We Thrive Sustainable Initiatives:

  1. Petite Fashion, Model Equality, and Media imagery for petite women Bella Petite Multimedia Complex
  2. Models of Diversity and All Walks
  3. Women Leading Green Businesses@ TakeTheLeadWomen.com
  4. Anti-Assault against Women @ Rainn.org
  5. Pro-life for Women anti-femicide @ GlobalCitizen.org
  6. Pro-Women Equality and Protecting our Civil Rights.
  7. Anti-Bullying @ Cybersmile.org
  8. Anti-Censorship in Schools, Gov, Media, BigTeach @ Eff.org and FreedomForumInitiatives.org

Join Bella Petite now to be an influencer of the petite fashion no alterations are needed for jeetly petite fashionistas. Become a leader with our campaigns leading ethnic diversity, models of all heights, body types, and ages! Ann Lauren’s international Bella Petite fashion and model movement is the leading advocate. 

Support our efforts with a Bella Petite Collectible tee get it today! Bella Petite Magazine is Fashion, Entertainment, and Lifestyle for Women. “Petite is fit, curvy, and plus-sized at 5’7″ and under.”


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ann lauren dolls clothing
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Bella Petite Model Members may WIN photoshoots in California, magazine covers, model profiles, fashion spreads, Ann Lauren Clothing Catalog model, editorials, and tear sheets for your portfolio, model promotions, and sponsored cash and prizes!

We are so excited to open the Bella Petite Shop with petite-centric brand merchandise, products, and services!

The first phase features Bella Petite Capsule Collections with a limited selection of great things to come. Help us grow so we may add more styles for you.

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