Ann Lauren Exposes Victoria’s Secrets Height Discrimination

ann lauren

ann lauren
Victoria’s Secret Models

Victoria’s Secret Height Discrimination and Body Stereotype Live On and On and On. NOT ANYMORE!


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Brand Ambassador Ann Lauren

BELLA PETITE EDITOR NOTES (03-01-2016): Tall, tall, and taller! In a never-ending sea of long-legged glamazon women, Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and catalogs (VSC) would have us believe in their fairy tale that all women are tall and super thin as we noted several years ago.

This perpetual stereotype casting continues to parody the fashion industry standards.


This is the old world of fashion make-believe makes women feel inferior and not beautiful if they are shorter than 5’9″ and not a size 0!

The VSC model search blatantly states ” Get measured and be realistic. The ideal height of a Victoria’s Secret Model is 5’9″ standing barefoot with body measurements of 34-24-34. Be Skinny. You must go to the gym. Stop eating junk food. If you are not naturally this thin but have the basic body type of Victoria’s Secret model, hire a nutritionist and a trainer.”

The cherry on top is they will photoshop out your curves, don’t get me started on that issue, LOL!  I’ll save those thoughts for another future post vision calling for change.

After all predictions are easy and call, but changing opinions, and discrimination requires more than genius, it takes courage, vision, and determination, all while people call you crazy.

For years the VSC’s televised fashion show beginning in 1990s featuring supermodels: Tyra BanksHeidi Klum, Karen Mulder, Daniela Pestova, Inés Rivero, and Stephanie Seymour, and the bevy of tall, beautiful models continue to current days.

Bella Petite Models
Bella Petite Model Cover Girls By Bella Petite Magazine Copyright ©


Fact, the shortest runway and catalog model was Laetitia Casta at 5’6.  She walked down the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000. Casta was one of the company’s signature Victoria’s Secret Angels from 1998 to 2000. She claims that her career with Victoria’s Secret ended because she was “too much of a rebel.”

We contend that Casta did not fit their ideal height and body stereotype portrayed on the shows and in the catalogs so consequently she was let go.

Victoria Secret Models Laetita Casta and Kate Moss
Victoria’s Secret Models juxtaposed with Laetitia Casta and Kate Moss.
VSC Angels
Victoria’s Secret Angel Models

Then there’s Kate Moss 5’6″ common sense tells us that there’s no secret mystery as to why one of the most recognized supermodels in the world has never made her debut on the VS runway or in the pages of the VSC catalog,.

While Kate may be short on height by VSC standards, her beauty is iconic and most would say encapsulates fashion’s essence.

To us, it is pure insanity that Victoria’s Secret doesn’t use petite models to wear lingerie or swimsuits in their catalog, campaigns, and on the runway.

After all petite women were their target consumers that fueled the VSC enterprise, without our consumption they would never have existed.

At last, Bella Petite Magazine removed the final barrier for petite women to love their look and their bodies!

Together, we share a common cause in reality and acceptance for women of all heights, body types, ages, and ethnicities. Show your support get a Bella Petite designer t-shirt.


Bella Petite Magazine Editor and Fashion Designer Ann Lauren the industry Change Agent 15 called for it. The beauty and fashion paradigm shift happened. The Breaking News Update Provided by The New York Post 

FASHION FORWARD “THE CUE 11-22-19 VSC Show Cancelled”

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Written by Ann Lauren

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11 thoughts on “Ann Lauren Exposes Victoria’s Secrets Height Discrimination”

  1. I’m pretty tall at 5’10, just to clarify. I’m also sick and tired of garbage spewed out by petite women cursing out the modeling world.

    I am a model, and I attended modeling school and the first thing the model coach said to the girls (30 of us in total), is that we are no longer humans. We are now clothes hangers, and if they wanted a real and beautiful woman, they would choose a smaller and more feminine woman like you Bella Petite.

    The only reason I can be a model, is because I have no shape and I know it. There is nothing glamorus about being a model on the runway or in print we don’t even look good in person our photos are fake they are photoshopped and it makes me have a poor self image. People always tell me I look best in pictures, makes me sad.

    There are no feminine curves that a large chunk of petite women have. There are no fine lines. Just straight bony shoulders, flat hips, and long legs. That is what we tall gals are to the modeling industry.

    Do you petite women want to be models? Go right ahead. But then you have no right to complain about being called a hanger, and you have to deal with it.

    I have modeled numerous brands, yet only one or two of the brands fit me. I can only fit into the specially made clothes for the shoots, and besides that, the long pants become capris, and the long sleeved shirts become 3/4 length shirts.

    Don’t complain until you know what it’s really like.

    1. Honestly, the modeling industry is just crappy they don’t know anything. I’m sorry to hear your struggles. And This coming from a girl who is 5”5″ . They say one minute that you aren’t good enough to model if you aren’t tall and thin because that’s “supposedly” what they CLAIM is beautiful and then next minute you aren’t human if you are tall … Lol I personally think they should just get actual hangers to walk down their runways or mannequins because their standards are so unrealistic and stupid they don’t know what they want and how to represent women properly.

    2. Kay 5’2 – hi!

      I came across this article when I was doing some market research. My dream is to create my own lingerie and clothes brand for Xtall and Xsmall 😛

      “Be Skinny. You must go to the gym. Stop eating junk food. If you are not naturally this thin but have the basic body type of a Victoria’s Secret model, hire a nutritionist and a trainer.”
      “The cherry on top is they will photoshop out your curves, don’t get me started on that issue we’ll save our thoughts for another post in time!”

      It doesn’t even feel like this article is height related anyway Read more weight related to me. I Think the author just wanted to rant about their weight hang-ups and rage about VS under the guise of height discrimination. Could almost hear all those exclamation marks.

      The VS models look really amazing but id love to see more model diversity in race, weight and height. Psychological Studies have shown the human eye is more attracted to variety, so it’d help with sales right?

      VS is awful anyway, like really really nasty quality. I don’t see them lasting that much longer with their poor reputation.Anyone reading this – and hasn’t before I recommend to look at their reviews, its impressive. From racism to mis-selling to poor staff treatment, its really great to read. They’ve plastered their dated brand in unethical practice – lack of petite representation is minor in comparison and just the tip of a child slave sewn crappy polyester iceberg.

    3. Women who are under 5’7 are automatically cut out of the running because of something out of their control. One can change their diet and exercise but not their height. I am sorry you feel like someone is attacking you, but these women are not annoyed with you. Then most of the clothes in the stores are not cut to fit most women who buy them, under 5’6. I used to feel like something was wrong with me because there was about half a foot of pants at my ankles and the way it was baggy at my waist. Then I saw the ‘short’ sized brands and realized, whoa these actually fit. Even most more when I observed the cuts, I realized why there was a separate petite section. But it’s funny though, becuase a lot of women are around 5’4.

  2. I would just love to see shorter models 5’5″ and under, on the runway no matter what their size. That would be a great runway show. All women are beautiful and they should represent that. Not represent such a small percentage of women in this world who are tall and thin/fit. This isn’t right. To be honest Victoria Secret models were my inspiration to get into shape, but I kept giving myself reality checks.. I am not that tall, and I won’t have their exact measurements. I took that into account every day. I just ate healthy and worked out. I do admit that a I follow a few of them on social media, but I also remember that I am my own person and people like me for who I am.
    I have been through a whole lot in my twenty years of life, and would like to just be myself and not someone who I am not. I wish this industry of modeling would represent women who are strong and confident who have natural beauty for runways and fashion, no matter what their height and size. The models they use for fashion aren’t that stunningly gorgeous. It’s surprising. I was in a modeling school when I was sixteen, it was horrifying. Due to were I live I was able to walk the runway at my age and height of 5’0″ then(I am 5’2″ now) (though I didn’t after my experience). I had an instructor/coach who kept us going on the runway, practicing over and over again for three hours straight. No breaks, not even for water. My feet were killing me after words and I had blisters for days. Our coach would make girls cry if they weren’t strong enough. I stuck through, but man it was brutal. One of the girls their turned down an offer from an agency in Paris, France because they told her in order to get the contract she had to lose five more pounds. She was already thin as she could get without looking anorexic. She quit modeling after that and decided to get married and have a family. The modeling industry can be brutal.

  3. I find that silly duck face kissing, they have to do so inapropriate for adult women. When a 30something mother/model has to pretend in their stupid show being naiv and teenagerlike. Why???

  4. First of all, it is not impossible to become a model if you are under 5’9. One of the present-day Victorias Secret angels is 5’8 (Sara Sampaio) and another girl who walked the show was 5’7 (Camille Rowe). There body requirements are 5’7 plus. Also Gigi Hadid walked last years show with a waist line between 25-26 and even this year Taylor Hill has gained weight but vs doesnt care because they think she is sexy. Tall women are used in the fashion industry because the clothes they are made to use on the runway are not custom made, they make the clothes and you have to be able to fit in them, that is why you dont see many models under 5’8. Lais Ribeiro is an angel and she wears a D cup while Josephine Skriver wears a C. Some of the models are really muscular and other have short legs. Don’t complain. (Halima Aden has a contract with IMG models. She is 5’5 and wears a Hijab. Always covers her body)

  5. I’m a 22 year old female who is 5’4 3/4″, been modeling for 2 YEARS, and tired of taking photoshoots with local photographers. I am ready for something more. Each night I make myself go nuts filling out modeling agency applications hoping my final break will happen. Until then,I have to be strong and never give up. And I taught myself that this world doesn’t owe me anything. If I really want something, I’ll do whatever it takes to reach it. Lets not talk down to the tall girls, because it’s not there fault, but the beauty industry with there standards. I’ve been taught by photographers that tall girls look better in print when it comes to clothing. I do agree, you all have some amazing legs. Is this fair of them to be this way? Ehhh… I’ll let you be the judge of that. What my photographer also taught me is that networking will get you far. No matter where you go or who your photographer is, be respectful and kind. And when you post your amazing pictures on social media, make sure to give them credit. And know that if you’re trying to get your name out there, you have to watch your attitude and what you post. Because agencies could be watching. Best of luck to all of you, and don’t stop being ambitious!

  6. I totally agree with you Bella Petite you are so on top of it Ann Lauren! I really like your magazine you are a true inspiration for petite women you are the game changer! I am a huge fan!

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