Ann Lauren® On The Importance Of Your Brand Creation

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A brand has to be unique and recognizable to be kept in mind by consumers. Beware of FRAUDS using your BRAND NAME.

My personal Image and Style expert Jacqueline Peros is a corporate branding executive. She’s come on board as our Bella Petite branding expert to help you to create and identify your personal and corporate brand.

Creating a safe and successful online business concept

Many people dream of being independent by running their own business. In times of financial and economic instability, it is necessary to have a business plan which also includes strategies for enhancing the success and safety of the company on a long-term basis.

A very popular trend in business conception is online trading.

Thanks to the omnipresent and ever-growing space of the World Wide Web, traders can advertise and sell their products with only a few administrative steps and can also reach a larger audience for them. Most business owners using PayPal can trade from wherever they can access the internet – be it while sitting on the train with a laptop or while standing in a queue with a smartphone.

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Branding and credibility

A successful online business is a result of appropriate branding and of associating the brand with the value of credibility.  

It goes without saying that a brand has to be unique and recognizable in order to be kept in mind by potential customers.  But winning their interest is not enough. You’ve got to identify with your consumers and provide real solutions to remain relevant.  

Efficiency and Reliability

As the world is moving very fast and people want to use their time efficiently, it is a good idea to accept credit cards via mobile phone as it enables people to do their shopping at any time and place.  

One has to make the shopping as convenient as possible for them – and for yourself. Customers must be able to easily buy your services and products.

In that way, every business person can use his or her time most efficiently.  In fact, it is possible to process the payments of up to 200 customers at the same time.  

The virtual payment via PayPal furthermore safeguards your clients’ and your own data, which prevents fraud.  That is why we use them for the Bella Petite Model search to protect you!  

Thanks to the PayPal Virtual Terminal, a business owner can set up a free merchant account and can furthermore do without an expensive swipe machine for credit cards, which saves good money from the start. 

Beware of Fraud

Paypal is the leading peer-to-peer and b2b commerce transaction provider that protects you from fraudulent merchants selling counterfeit and defective items, and hackers from getting your personal information.

Plus, if you don’t receive your merchandise or it’s not as described you can easily facilitate a refund.

Written by: Ann Lauren


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